Dr. Stephanie M. Hutchins Released Her Third Book, Moving Forward: Life After Trauma

This book is the follow-up to her first two books, Transformation After Trauma and Reclaim Your Life After Trauma.

Popular author and certified life coach Stephanie M. Hutchins, PhD, has launched her third book, Moving Forward: Life After Trauma, a comprehensive guide designed to help trauma survivors navigate the complexities of healing and rebuilding.

In this transformative book, Dr. Hutchins addresses the often-overlooked questions that linger in trauma survivors’ minds, providing practical solutions and empowering insights. The book covers various topics, from handling triggers and rebuilding trust to establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries. Dr. Hutchins’ approach is grounded in real-world understanding, making it accessible to a broad audience.

A seasoned author, Dr. Hutchins is no stranger to the subject of trauma. Hutchins’ earlier books, Transformation After Trauma: Embracing Post-Traumatic Growth and Reclaim Your Life After Trauma: The Power of Goal Setting, laid the foundation for her latest endeavor. Serotinous Life, LLC, the company she founded, has been instrumental in helping individuals harness the power of post-traumatic growth, marking it as a pivotal player in the trauma healing landscape.

Shortly after its release, the Kindle version of Moving Forward soared to the #1 New Release in the Grief & Loss category on Amazon. The success is a testament to the relevance of the book’s message and the increasing need for accessible tools in the journey to recovery.

One of the excerpts of the book quotes, “The point of this book is for you to begin adding tools to your toolbox so you can chip away at the chains that keep you anchored to your traumatic past, nurse your wounds, and build yourself back up stronger than before so you can handle the inevitable hardship life will continue to bring to your door.

Dr. Hutchins says, “You deserve to experience a beautiful life, regardless of how ugly your past has been, and the life you desire will be there for you when you’re ready to reach for it. This book will help you envision your new life and begin taking steps to achieve it.

While trauma is touching every life nowadays, Moving Forward emerges as a guiding light, offering practical insights and tangible tools for those grappling with the aftermath of pain. Dr. Hutchins draws from her extensive background as a certified life coach, stress management coach, advanced wellness coach, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and yoga instructor to provide a holistic approach to healing.

In 2024, Dr. Hutchins will extend her expertise to students pursuing higher education. With over twelve years of experience as a college professor, she recognizes the unique challenges students face. Her upcoming fourth book, slated for release in 2024, will equip students with tools for success in college, acknowledging the role education plays in providing options for the future.

Moving Forward: Life After Trauma by Stephanie M. Hutchins, PhD, along with her previous two books, are available for sale on Amazon.

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