Dr. Sally Nazari Launches New Mental Health Offerings with Reiki, Trauma Help, and Animal Assisted Groups

New York, September 13, 2016 – Therapy and counseling might be seen as the last resort by some, but there is no denying their intensely transforming and life altering powers. Some of the best known methods in this field are now being offered by Dr. Sally Nazari, a city based, licensed psychologist.

Psychotherapy and mental health counseling offer support, problem solving skills, and coping strategies for people faced with depression, relationship hurdles, grief, stress, body image issues, or trauma histories. Individual, family and group therapy can offer new hope, perspectives, and directions to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. This can be achieved through professional methods such as cognitive behavior therapy or holistic healing alternatives and Reiki.

Dr. Nazari has launched several practices to assist people with a range of disorders and life situations. She specializes in helping people who have suffered a trauma and also offers several modalities of Reiki therapy. Those with sleeping disorders can take help of her gold standard treatment for insomnia. Also available are Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and an animal assisted group to be launched in the coming months. She is also involved with the Open Path Collective for offering low cost therapy services amidst her offering for private paying clients.

Dr. Nazari’s approach is both integrative and multi-disciplinary with the aim of uncovering the client’s true potential and working together to understand and resolve their challenges. By using complementary therapies and revealing old behavior patterns, negative perceptions, and unmanageable feelings, this new set of therapeutic offerings will help clients achieve positivity and growth with prospects of a better life.

For more Information please visit: www.drsallynazari.com

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