Dr. Rita B. Roland and Darlene Jenkins Host Weekly Webinar Providing Advice and Knowledge for Sound Financial Awareness

Affordable Benefits Solutions INC., continues to serve the local community and anyone interested in bettering their financial life by providing guidance through weekly online seminars titled, Financial Fed Fridays. Each week, the President of Affordable Benefits Solutions, Rita Bailey, and her Co-Host, Darlene Jenkins, explain in great detail strategies for individuals to become more financially aware. Bailey believes that, “Knowledge is power. This is why Financial Fed Friday is vital to me and anyone looking to make financial growth. Many of us have made poor financial decisions simply because we didn’t understand how to make better ones. We have either enrolled in an employer sponsored plan or purchased an outside financial plan that was not the plan we needed or that suited our financial needs. Financial Fed Friday aims to assist people in choosing the right path to enhance their financial future.”

This months’ first topic was “Planting Seeds for Your Medicare Harvest” on April 6th. Upcoming discussion topics are: “The Nuts and Bolts of Financial Literacy” on April 13th, “The Nuts and Bolts of Financial Literacy Pt. 2” on April 20th, and “Pruning Your Financial Bad Habits” on April 27th. “Each and every Friday we are presenting financial nuggets to move you from simply having heard about a financial concept to understanding and knowing which one is appropriate for you and your family’s short and long-term goal,” says Rita Bailey, “Our subjects are always geared towards financial planning for your whole life from insurance and retirement planning to budgeting, credit, and debt, to understanding Social Security and Medicare, and even long-term care and estate planning to name a few.”

AFFORDABLE BENEFITS SOLUTIONS, INC., is a professional personal benefits provider and consulting company. They educate clients on obtaining quality, relevant insurance, estate, tax, and retirement planning that meet their needs with the goal of producing favorable outcomes for their client’s lifestyles in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Their many workshops show clients available options and resources for managing money with the goal of financial freedom through successful spending strategies and knowledge of available resources. Financial Fed Friday’s is one of many services ABS offers to help guide others in their march towards financial freedom.

Bailey believes in the value of preparing your financial future through education stating that, “there is power in understanding, and that power allows us to be proactive not reactive, and it allows us to secure our financial future.”

For more information on Affordable Benefits Solutions, INC. visit their website at https://yourabsolutionsinc.com/wpfiles/financial-fed-friday/. And for questions or to sign up for a workshop email Affordable Benefits Solutions at info@yourabsolutionsinc.com.


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