Dr Powells’ book “Practical Leadership” teaches people on how to be a more effective leader

A renowned motivational speaker, Dr. Tracy R. Powell, gladly announces the releases of her newest and the most precious book titled “Practical Leadership.”  A book that teaches people on how to become an effective leader through a lesson learnt from an unconventional leader known as Mickey Mouse. This wonderful book is a must read for people that find themselves in a leadership position.

As with most popular sayings, there is some truth in the adage, “Great leaders are born, not made.” To some extent, the capacity for great leadership is innate. However, learning how to be a more effective leader is very important whether one lead an entire company or just one staff member. Hence, the birth of this wonderful book “practical leadership.”

Practical Leadership is a book that discussed specific leadership traits. The book will walk people through exercises to help identify and refine their own leadership trait. The book will make use of an unconventional leader; one people rarely think about as adults, though he is quite famous. He is known as Mickey Mouse.

“Dr. Powell has crafted a remarkable “outside the box” book that integrates leadership lessons from Mickey Mouse with examples of her own growth as a leader from childhood struggles to entrepreneur. This quick read will resonate within all of us who strive to be more effective leaders, be that within our families, workplaces, or our communities. When the reader accepts the author’s invitation to write and reflect, be prepared for the magic of emerging into an intentional leader.” Christiane O’Hara Ph.D., a Psychologist, said.

Every page of this book is written with a personal touch. This indispensable leadership book will be available on Amazon by November and will be distributed in the USA, U.K., Canada and other parts of the world for people that will like to have a copy of the book. The book is now available on Kindle.

About the Author

Dr. Tracy R. Powell was born and raised in a small town in beautiful South Carolina. She risked leaving home and finding her voice, and she shares lessons from that journey with people. Now an entrepreneur, Dr. Powell focuses her work on being an agent of change. In this book, she shares her pains, her victories and her truths with the help of her favorite character, Mickey®. She invites people to examine their own journey and encourages them to grow into a well-intentioned leader. For more information, please go to www.practicalleadership4u.com

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