Dr. Green Examines The Strengths of The US Presidential Candidates

September, Oklahoma – Dr. Daryl D. Green in his latest research articles has examined the strengths and capabilities of both leaders in the United States Presidential Race of 2016. Dr. Green has applied the MIT Principle to analyze the humility in today’s leadership. Additionally, the MIT Principle is developed so that all leaders understand that even high achievers need a sense of humility to work in high performing organization. Many people feel that leadership is about being the brightest and sharpest. However, leadership is more than that and the MIT principle helps to analyze this.

“Both candidates running for the White House appear to be resourceful in dealing with challenges,” said Dr. Daryl Green, “Even the most brilliant individual at MIT must apply some humility in being successful because they must submit to the good of the organization instead of their own selfish ambitions.” he added. According to Dr. Green, problems will arise and trouble will come, but the leaders who have fundamental determination will have the maximum opportunity to overcome the obstacles and external factors in their surroundings.

Dr. Green has further stated in his research article that the need for humility is not just limited to the politicians. It is in fact a quality and a trait that business leaders, sportsmen and people from every other profession that includes competition need in order to achieve their goals consistently. In a nutshell, Dr. Green has established the facts about what exactly leaders need to do in order to achieve their goals and face or fight all the challenges in their way. Leadership is a paradox, a challenge and an uphill task and this article has established some scientific methodologies to the solutions of the problems a leader can face.

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Dr. Daryl Green is an internationally acknowledged author and researcher. He is a professor at the Oklahoma Baptist University. Dr. Green writes a syndicated online columns and blog. Moreover, he has been quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, Ebony, and BET. Previously, he has worked as an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University and as a faculty member at Knoxville College. Dr. Green has spent more than 20 years helping organizations and thousands of individuals make good decisions through his lectures, seminars, and columns. A latest research article of Dr. Green has opened a new scope to analyze leadership using the MIT Principle.

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