Dr. Brad Bellard’s New Book, ELITE: A Modern Success Guide to Purpose and Peak Performance Offers Blueprint For Personal And Professional Success

January 29th, 2019 A new book that lays out a comprehensive guide on achieving success and personal fulfillment has been taking the web by storm, owing to its groundbreaking approach to the matter. Dr. Brad Bellard’s ELITE: A Modern Success Guide to Purpose and Peak Performance, which was recently released on Amazon.com, is poised to become a hit with those who are looking to “have it all” in terms of being successful in both their personal and professional lives – and without compromising their productivity and performance in the process.

“The current model of success in the United States has a very narrow definition, and it is that of the sum of one’s career achievements,” said Dr. Bellard. “We must not overlook the role of personal fulfilment and overall performance in attaining success. In ELITE, readers will find a detailed plan which will help them create extraordinary results, execute peak performance, and experience success and fulfillment, simultaneously. It is my sincere hope that the book will inspire them to transform their lives and go on to experience true joy.”

As is demonstrated in ELITE, the busier one becomes, the harder it actually is to attain success, as one experiences decreased productivity and unhappiness, and, ultimately, faces the possibility of never succeeding at all. Dr. Bellard’s time-tested strategies, which are analyzed, step by step, in ELITE, promise to assist those in search of a meaningful life with clear and concise advice on how to attain it.

ELITE: A Modern Success Guide to Purpose and Peak Performance is available for purchase on paperback and Kindle editions on Amazon.com

About Dr. Brad Bellard

Dr. Brad Bellard is a double-boarded Sports Medicine physician and has served as a team physician for multiple professional teams including the NBA Dallas Mavericks. As a non-operative sports medicine specialist, he helps individuals achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals by applying cutting-edge medical procedures to decrease pain and improve function. He serves as a regular guest on the Dallas affiliate of the ESPN 103.3FM radio show, “Inside Sports Medicine,” where he educates and informs the public on musculoskeletal injuries and sports medicine topics ranging from diagnosis, treatment, and the business side of medicine.

Dr. Brad is also the CEO of Dr. Brad MD, LLC, where he inspires and coaches professionals on how to maximize performance so they can experience peak levels of professional success and personal fulfillment. He is a compelling keynote speaker, delivering impactful messages on topics including elite performance, purpose, and his personal story of going from ordinary to extraordinary.

To learn more, visit his website at www.drbradmd.com.

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