Dr. Anil Shah, Surgeon Park Avenue, Pioneers New Technique in Nasal Surgery with Landmark Article on Alar Retraction

New York, NY – 4 June, 2024 – Dr. Anil Shah, an acclaimed facial plastic surgeon based on Park Avenue, Manhattan, has published a groundbreaking article on a novel surgical technique that addresses alar retraction, enhancing both the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the nose. This innovative method is poised to revolutionize traditional approaches to nasal surgery.

Dr. Anil Shah, MD  

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Alar retraction—a condition where the nostrils are excessively retracted or pulled up—can give the nose a pinched or ‘snarled’ look and may affect nasal function. In his article, Dr. Shah introduces advanced surgical techniques aimed at correcting this issue, thereby improving the natural appearance of the nose and enhancing breathing functionality.

Dr. Shah’s approach focuses on delicately reshaping the nostrils to avoid the unappealing snarl appearance, providing a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing nasal profile. This technique not only improves cosmetic outcomes but also has significant functional benefits, helping patients achieve better nasal airflow and overall respiratory health.

“Our goal with this new technique,” Dr. Shah remarks, “is to correct alar retraction in a way that respects the natural aesthetics of the nose while improving its functional aspects. Many patients are concerned about both how their nose looks and how well they can breathe. Our approach effectively addresses both concerns.”

Located in the prestigious Park Avenue area of Manhattan, Dr. Shah’s practice, Necks and Noses, continues to lead the way in cosmetic surgery innovation. His work on alar retraction is particularly relevant for patients seeking not just cosmetic enhancement but also functional improvement.

For more information or to schedule an interview with Dr. Shah, please contact: Dr. Anil Shah • Noses and Necks NYC • 60 E 56th St #300 • New York, NY 10022 • (516) 614-4861

Dr. Anil Shah  

Necks and Noses  

60 East 56th Street, Suite 300  

New York, NY 10022  

Phone: 516.614.4861  

This advancement underscores Dr. Shah’s commitment to blending aesthetic improvements with functional benefits, offering his patients comprehensive and lasting results.

For further details about Dr. Shah’s innovative work on alar retraction, please contact his office directly.




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