Dr. Andrea Robertson has Launched a Business Coaching Mastermind for Successful Health and Wellness Clinic Owners to Diversify their Businesses and 3x Their Income

With over 22 years of business experience in the health and wellness industry, Dr Andrea Robertson (Health & Wellness Business Coach/Osteopath/Naturopath/Nutritionist) wants to show professionals like her how to stop trading time for money so they can generate an extra $10,000 per month without paid ads or complicated tech

Every business owner wants to grow and scale their business. Businesses in certain niches seem to demand more to grow and manage than others and a category of businesses that seem to demand more are those in the health and wellness industry. Having gone through the challenges and changes of the health and wellness industry over the last two decades, Dr. Andrea Robertson has decided to walk successful health and wellness clinic owners through a hands-on approach to diversify their business models and generate more income.

Dr. Andrea is offering a business coaching mastermind to help burnt-out health and wellness clinic owners diversify their business from one-on-one sessions to online group coaching, generating an extra $10,000/month without lots of followers or paid ads. The mastermind is designed for naturopaths, nutritionists, health coaches, life coaches, osteopaths, physical therapists, psychologists, and other practitioners in the health and wellness industry who would like to break out of the status quo and expand their businesses.

“Growing and managing a business in our industry is no small endeavor,” said Dr. Andrea Robertson. “It takes commitment, learning, discipline, and an experienced mentor or coach. I have consistently enjoyed results operating my business models and done the same for others like me. Through this coaching program, I want to share this best-kept secret with every burnt-out clinic owner in the health and wellness industry. It is guaranteed to be the game-changer for these professionals and I can’t wait to onboard all.”

Besides the upcoming business coaching program by Dr. Andrea, she also offers a 12-week coaching program to help women end the cycle of dieting and lose weight efficiently. She uses a simple science-backed approach to losing weight and keeping it off, so participants can fit back into their clothes, feel great, and thrive with energy and body confidence.

For more information on Dr. Andrea Robertson’s business coaching mastermind, please visit https://www.andrearobertson.health/wcs.

About Dr. Andrea Robertson

Andrea Robertson is a Health & Wellness Business Coach as well as an osteopath, naturopath, nutritionist, who lives between Adelaide and Port Fairy in Australia. She has been in business for over twenty-two years, having built and sold a large allied health clinic and two fitness studios. Andrea now works from home with clients all over the world using two main approaches: working with women over 35 to end their cycle of dieting; Andrea uses a simple science-backed approach to helping these women lose weight and keep it off so they can fit back into their clothes, feel great, and thrive with energy and body confidence; and helping health & wellness clinic owners stop trading time for money by launching their own profitable online course, generating an extra ten thousand dollars PLUS per month without lots of followers, paid ads or complicated tech.

To learn more, please visit www.andrearoberston.health or join her free Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthwellnessprosbusiness

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