DOVOH Unveils high visibility Laser Level for Outdoor precision

DOVOH’s latest offering, the DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level Outdoor, is a testament to the company’s ongoing innovation in laser level technology. This product stands out in the market with its advanced features and robust design. With their dedication to quality and innovation, DOVOH continues to lead the way in laser level technology, offering solutions that cater to a wide range of professional needs.

The DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level Outdoor is distinguished by its High Visibility Green Laser Line. This advanced feature employs 110mw high-power laser diodes to emit exceptionally bright green beams, a significant upgrade from the standard 30mw diodes used in most laser levels. The result is a laser level that offers superior visibility, crucial for precise measurements in various lighting conditions. While the laser beam remains highly visible in most environments, using a receiver during daylight is recommended for optimal performance.

The design of the DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level Outdoor is further enhanced by its Durable Pendulum Assembly and 12 Lines Laser Level 3D. The durable pendulum assembly, with its exclusive design featuring a dual cushioning structure, provides robust protection against drops and impacts, ensuring longevity and reliability. This design complements the 3D laser level’s capability, which includes one 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical lines. This feature is particularly innovative as it requires the pendulum to be locked before turning off the laser, preventing any pendulum swing during transport when powered off. This thoughtful design ensures accuracy and stability, making it a reliable tool for professionals.

Enhancing its versatility for outdoor use, the laser level features an Outdoor Laser Level with Pulse Mode and is equipped with Dual High Capacity Batteries. The pulse mode extends the working range to 197ft/60m with a laser receiver, making it an ideal choice for daylight operations. The dual high-capacity batteries, each 7.4V 2600mAh lithium, enable over 8 hours of continuous operation with all 12 lines active. This ensures that the laser level can be used uninterruptedly, even in demanding job site conditions, and can be plugged in when the battery runs low, providing consistent performance and reliability.


Founded in 2014, DOVOH has established itself as a leader in the laser level industry, operating from its base in China. With over nine years of expertise, DOVOH has consistently provided high-quality, precise laser levels, adhering to its core values: ‘D’ for Distance, ‘V’ for Vertical, ‘H’ for Horizontal. These values are the foundation of DOVOH’s commitment to ensuring efficient and accurate measurements in various applications.

Visit DOVOH’s website to explore their extensive range of over 30 laser level types, including the new DOVOH High Visibility Laser Level Outdoor.

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