Donzella Wines Launches Epoch-Making Winemaking Era in Olney

Donzella Wines Launches Epoch-Making Winemaking Era in Olney

Donzella Wines, a family-owned wine merchant located in the heart of Milton Keynes, held a launch event today to unveil a new series of premium wines that usher in an epoch-making era for wine retail in Milton Keynes. Flanked by displays of fine wines from around the world, Donzella’s owners and wine experts Fiona and Dominic. Donzella wines welcomed local business leaders, distributors, sommeliers, and wine enthusiasts to taste their inaugural collection of exquisite vintages sourced globally.  

“We are thrilled to launch this premium wine collection that represents an inflection point for wine retailing here in Milton Keynes,” said the CEO of Donzella Wines. “Our family has spent over a decade refining our palette to curate exceptional wines that express terroirs from prominent regions worldwide. We specialize in sourcing Chardonnay, Riesling, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and other fine varietals.”

In place of a storage and tasting room facility, Donzella has partnered with Gabriella’s Olney, a local restaurant operated by Gabriella’s Trattoria. Customers can pick up Donzella’s expertly curated wine selection at Gabriella’s or book a table to enjoy these wines with their authentic Italian cuisine.

“Our ancestors were wine merchants in Italy 7for over 200 years, but this new collection truly represents a renaissance in capturing the potential of wines from across the globe,”. We will continue advancing our offerings through dedicated sourcing while staying true to the legacy of my family.”  

Sommeliers praised the complex fruit flavors, balanced acidity, and velvety tannin structure of Donzella’s inaugural compilation. The Chardonnay offers stone fruit and lemon zest notes with a hint of oak, while the Merlot boasts black cherry and mocha with a smooth, lingering finish. Donzella’s state-of-the-art wine retail and storage facility positions Milton Keynes as a destination for oenophiles in the UK. Locals hope this catalyzes growth in wine-based tourism and hospitality.   

Wine aficionados can browse Donzella’s cellars on their website or in-person to sample new arrivals. Donzella aims to cement Milton Keynes’ status as an internationally renowned wine retail destination.   

“The overwhelmingly positive reception to our wines confirms Milton Keynes’ wine renaissance is well underway”. We feel confident this is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for our family’s wine merchant legacy and for the broader wine community here.

Founded in 2008, DonzellaWines is a family-owned wine merchant continuing over 200 years of sourcing fine wines from prominent wine regions globally. Donzella’s retail shop and storage facility set new standards for premium wine appreciation in the region.

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