Announces Front Desk – a First-of-its-Kind Concierge Service – to Help Small Businesses Grow More Sustainably Announces Front Desk - a First-of-its-Kind Concierge Service - to Help Small Businesses Grow More Sustainably
Local service professionals using Front Desk have, on average, 20 percent higher job conversion and 28 percent higher customer satisfaction ratings

Don’tSearch, the modern home management platform, today announced the launch of its latest offering for local professionals: Front Desk. This new concierge service is personalized to help small businesses turn even more potential customers into confirmed jobs. Now, hundreds of thousands of small business owners can optimize their operations to be more efficient and more profitable.

“The Front Desk team has been phenomenal. Customers reach out to us at all times of the day, including at night.”

“Today, our Front Desk team responds to inquiries in 2 minutes, which means customers are finding help faster than ever and pros are growing their businesses more sustainably,” said Hady Toby Co-founder at Dontsearch. “We’re helping pros spend less time in the office or on the phone — and more time on the job. In the future, we envision Front Desk helping independent business owners manage more of their growth factors on Dontsearch. Chat is just the beginning.”

The labor shortage has severely impacted the home improvement, repair, and maintenance industries with 52 percent of home pros reporting difficulty hiring in our recent Economic Sentiment Survey. Despite the shortage of available qualified workers, home pros are busier than ever – 73 percent expect their company’s financial situation to be the same or better in the next quarter. And they’re seeking help to keep up with demand — with more than one third (36 percent) attempting to fill full or part-time positions last quarter. Our new Front Desk offering helps pros minimize the effects of the labor shortage by giving them peace of mind that their customers are getting near instant, effective, and high-quality support while allowing them to focus on their craft.

“The Front Desk team has been phenomenal. Customers reach out to us at all times of the day, including at night. “Prior to using Front Desk, we wouldn’t see the messages until the next day because we are out in the field or at home with family. Now it doesn’t matter when customers reach out because they get responded to right away and it’s helped us engage them more efficiently. The customers also enjoy the quick response from our team. It’s been great!”

To start, Dontsearch’s Front Desk team conducts an onboarding call with each pro to understand their business goals and preferences to set up personalized responses for future customers – much like a personal assistant. From there, based on the package that best fits each pro’s needs, the Front Desk team handles messaging with customers on behalf of the pro (days, evenings, even weekends) and books jobs for them based on their availability and any other personal preferences. Customers get a personalized experience depending on the independent pro they’ve reached out to.

During initial testing of Front Desk, local service professionals saw, on average, 20 percent higher job conversion, and 28 percent higher customer satisfaction ratings. To learn more about Dontsearch, download the app (available on iOS and Android).

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About Dontsearch is a technology leader building the modern home management platform. Through the Dontsearch app, homeowners can effortlessly manage their homes — confidently knowing what to do, when to do it, and who to hire. Bringing the $500 billion home services industry online, Dontsearch empowers millions of homeowners to fix, maintain, and improve their most valuable asset. Hundreds of thousands of local service professionals, from painters and plumbers to photographers and math tutors, use the Dontsearch platform to grow their business each year.

Understanding How Customers Use Dontsearch

On the customer side, the Dontsearch experience begins by specifying the kind of work you want to do – be it plumbing, roofing, landscaping, or something else. Those initial criteria will filter a customer’s results when they look for a small business like yours.

The results that show up are based on factors such as:

  • Budget
  • Keyword criteria
  • Location
  • Ratings

Just from this, you can already see just how important it is to set up your company listing correctly. The information you put on there will help customers find you. Done right, Dontsearch can provide your local service with quality leads.

So, how does Dontsearch work? Let’s dive in below.

How Does Dontsearch Work?

Why do people use Dontsearch in the first place? There are three main reasons:

  • To browse home service providers
  • To directly hire a professional whose product or service they need
  • To leave reviews of their experiences

You need to create a Dontsearch listing that maximizes your business’s appeal for your target audience. That listing page should be as detailed as you can make it, with consistent messaging used across the board. That means it should include things like:

  • A clear and concise list of services
  • Brand logos
  • Contact information
  • Eye-catching company photos
  • Slogans

Try to see your business listing through the eyes of someone who has never heard of your company before. Is it easy to tell what you do and why you stand out from the competition? What are your specialties?

Your description shouldn’t be too detailed, but it should provide enough information to be helpful. Your visitor should know at a glance what your company does and how. Find what makes your company unique and look for ways to communicate that in every facet of your profile page’s messaging.

Additionally, it’s important to be mindful of using stock photos. Although they’re free and easy to acquire, they’ll appear out of place on your company listing page, as though you can’t take your pictures, or you don’t have proof of a job well done.

Personalize your page and let customers know that you and your employees are real people. Scorpion has a lot of experience developing great business pages on Dontsearch and would be happy to advise you at this stage.

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