Donation to legal defence fund to help liberate an elderly woman from spousal abuse

OTTAWA, CANADA – 28th July, 2016 – In an affluent suburb of Ottawa what seems to be a yearlong case of human right abuse against an elderly woman(Dezrin) who has suffered a great deal in the hands of her spouse ex-Notre Dame University professor Horace Carby-Samuels has now been brought to public notice through this YouTube video with donations been solicited via PayPal in support of a legal defence fund to help liberate her from being an apparent prisoner in her own home.

Raymond, who is shown in the video, has not seen his Mom since 12 June 2015 – more than a year ago!  His Mom has apparently been made a “prisoner in her own home” by her able-bodied husband who aside from mental and physical abuse had years ago seized control of money for vexatious litigation in the Federal Court that her deceased mother in Jamaica had left for her. Her cries to the Ottawa Police Services have been simply ignored. Horace also had blocked an Ottawa Hospital from providing her speech therapy support.  As a result, Raymond’s Mom lost the ability to talk, walk and write.  The verifiable evidence of Horace’s abuse of rights and neglect is contained in litigation brought by Raymond against his Mom’s husband pursuant to Court File – 15-66772.

Behind those affluent doors in Ottawa and other Canadians cities, there are atrocious abuses taking place against both women and children alike that most Canadian media organizations and Canadians in general are not aware of. We employ you to help spread social awareness by distributing the above video to your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages.  You’re also invited to make a donation via PayPal in support of a legal defence fund to help liberate Dezrin from abuse and being an apparent prisoner in her own home. As Canadians, we are among the most socially progressive people when it comes to helping our fellow human beings so please let’s do the needful.

If you would like to make a legal donation to a Legal Defence Fund via PayPal please kindly send an e-mail to:

Proceeds from your donations will be used to help Dezrin and promote an awareness of spousal abuse among the elderly in Canada.

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