Don Markland offers free coaching sessions to help businesses succeed

Don Markland, CEO and owner of Accountability Now, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company out of Jacksonville in Florida, is now offering free sessions to help businesses succeed. As a contributor for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Sales, he has over 20 years of experience in the world of sales, marketing, leadership and business growth. In addition to building businesses with clients, he is also the Chief Revenue Officer for MoneySolver, a private equity financial services company, where he leads the nationally recognized company of over 360 employees. As CRO, Don has spearheaded the radical growth of MoneySolver where they have become the nationally recognized and largest Tax Resolution digital marketing financial services company in the U.S.

Accountability Now uses its proprietary program, the 4Cs of Accountability, (as featured on Forbes) to drive sales, executive leadership, process change, and dynamic company cultures. This program is now servicing clients and increasing revenues in four countries across the globe!

Here reported a few questions asked to Don to better understand how Accountability Now sales accelerator (interview conducted by GoodNoon PR Firm):

Q. What are the principles behind the 4Cs of Accountability?

A. The 4CS of Accountability are life changing. I know this because I originally created them to help myself be more effective, productive, and ultimately accountable back when I was a 26 yr old Vice President of a Global Organization.

The 4Cs are as follows:

Critique Success – You never reach the mountain top. Don’t rest on your laurels and improve every single time – even when you win.

Correct Failure – Don’t punish mistakes. Correct them. Every successful leader will know how vital it is to take risks. Have a bias towards action knowing you will correct failures along the way.

Celebrate Growth – The hardest thing to do in life is grow and change; this is why we celebrate growth and not success. Success is expected; but growth is a choice you make every single day.

CRUSH Mediocrity – Every person is infected with the disease of mediocrity. When you identify it in your life, CRUSH it with everything you got (just like you would if you found a cockroach on your kitchen floor). 

Q. We live in a pragmatic society, based on achieving goals and obtaining benefits. How does Accountability Now help to reach these goals?

A. Many religions and mythologies begin with creation stories emphasizing the principle that people should not be alone. This is a vital principle in life and in business. In Western Culture, we strive “boot strap” and “entrepreneur” and some how people think that means they need to do everything on their own. Nothing could be farther from the truth. UPS conducted a study showing 70% of small businesses that invested in coaching lasted 5 years longer than the businesses who chose to go it alone. Accountability Now provides that resource in a real and practical way. We aren’t career coaches who learned everything in books or academia; Accountability Now uses real world experience, coupled with leading trends and technology, to help executives, business owners, and even entire sales teams grow and thrive.

Q. Which situation or experience lead you towards the creation of Accountability Now program?

R. As a growing executive struggling with life balance, driving productivy in teams, and strategically pushing my business forward, I developed the 4Cs of Accountability program. This program changed my life as I start to see everything around me improve. Next, I started to teach the 4Cs of Accountability to everyone that worked for me, coupled with weekly coaching, and I saw the same growth and improvement happen over and over again. As I spent time working with State Farm, Amazon, and small startups in my career, I continually taught the 4Cs of Accountability and watched every team get better and better through the program. As I became a Forbes contributor in entrepreneurship and sales, I started to have companies reach out to me expressing a need for better accountability, sales strategy, and team dynamics. Thus, Accountability Now was born. Last, we added the concept of the Netflix™ of Coaching which allows for our clients to have UNLIMITED ACCESS to our coaches instead of static once-a-week sessions. Accountability Now solves a major need for small- and medium-size businesses: results-driven executive and leadership coaching at rates they can afford. We are like Disney World experience but State Fair prices.

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