‘Dominique and the Mirror’ book on Amazon sheds light on African-American struggle through a children’s story

‘Dominique and the Mirror’ is the latest book by author Cassie that is based on the African-American slavery and told in a fantasy like children story with a 9-year-old girl as the main character. The book now available for purchase on Amazon.com is a children’s story centered on the plea of slaves and sends out an important message throughout.

The year is 1979 and 9 years old Dominique, an African American girl is living in Harlem, New York with her loving parents. One day her construction manager father brings home a mirror. Dominique often finds herself looking in the mirror and being fascinated by it, however, the story takes a turn when one day she sees a young girl named Sarah staring back at her through the mirror. Sarah looks a little bit different than Dominique and she can also talk to her. In the magic mirror, Dominique sees Sarah and members of her family working hard while wearing raggedy clothes. This comes as a revelation to her and she decides to research African-American history for clues about Sarah’s life.  

In pursuit of finding more about Sarah, Dominique discovers joy in most unexpected ways. Author Cassie manages to talk about a serious issue in a light-hearted manner by weaving a story that is suitable for both children and adults. It’s a tale of power, love, and dignity that will enable the reader to learn lessons about history and a story about one very special family. Through this story, the author strives to inspire the readers to look in the special mirrors of their own lives and discover something which they seek. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com under the name Dominique and the Mirror.

About Author

Cassie is an author, entrepreneur and property manager who lives in New York. Born and raised in Harlem, she attended college to study business curriculum. She has been a story writer for many years and in one of her stories on a story quilt called ‘Welcome to my world’ depicted an African-American man in a dress shirt, shoes, pants and doing a spread eagle on a brick wall. The story quilt was displayed in the public library on Fifth Avenue, New York City. The story ‘Dominique and the Mirror’ is a children’s story that she wrote long before to present a modern-day-fairy tale story with an important message to the readers. She plans to soon launch the next books in this series.

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