Dog And Cat Sitting For Those Just Starting

Dog And Cat Sitting For Those Just Starting
Dog And Cat Sitting 101 – What To Expect When Becoming A Sitter

Dog and Cat Sitters 101 For Sitting Pets

So you are thinking of becoming a dog or cat sitter. You love dogs and/or cats and want to make some extra money by boarding them at your house or apartment.

What is the best way to promote your new business and what are dog and cat owners looking for when they are looking for a sitter.

Questions that a pet sitting service will ask you:

  1. What breed of dog are you prepared to take care of. Some like smaller dogs. Some like larger dogs. Some like pit bulls and some do not.
  2. Do you currently have a dog and do they get along with other dogs or cats. Do they get along with all breeds of dogs and/or cats?
  3. What are your house rules? Are your temporary guests allowed on furniture or your bed? 
  4. When will be able to take potty breaks with your furry friend?
  5. Can you provide exersize for the dog. Can you go on walks or do you have  a fenced yard where the dog can run around on their own.
  6. Do you have a gate in your yard? Dogs are notorious for being able to get under gates and escape.
  7. Does the dog need additional care, like an injection of medicine or that needs to be done orally.
  8. Do you smoke cigarettes or marijuana?
  9. Give an in depth description of the service you provide
  10. Provide a picture of yourself smiling and if you have a dog, include a picture with your dog.
  11. Do you have young children? If you do, make sure the dog you sit is mild mannered and is no threat to the safety of your young child
  12. Do you have home owners or renters insurance?

You may already be a pet sitter or may be thinking of becoming one. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Your pictures are probably the most important part of your profile.

If you want to get new gigs for pet sitting, we suggest signing up at and logging in as a new pet sitter at:

There has never been a better time to make an extra $50 to $150 day taking care of a dog or cat in your apartment or house.

This websites launch date is September 1, 2022.

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