“Does the Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear?: Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life” By Kumiko Rodewald

Are you a golfer who is curious to learn more about the game? Do you want to take your skills up a level, and learn how you can not only do your best in golf, but in life as well? Kumiko Rodewald, the author of Does the Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear – Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life, is a mental golf coach who has assisted many athletes get to that next level in their golf skills, or even a golf career. Kumiko herself is a competitive golfer and has always considered golfing to be more than a sport.

She has written this book to help you see what you are capable of in golf, as well as in improving your life as a whole. Whether you are new to the sport of golf, or are looking to go pro, this book can help you. Not only is golf a great sport, but it can help you in many other aspects of your life as well. Golf isn’t just about the physical aspect of the game; there are also many mental pieces that go along with it and, by reading Kumiko’s book, you will better understand what that entails.

Within the first few chapters, she will help you reflect on how your thoughts and feelings can affect the game, and how you can learn to let go of anything holding you back. She also opens up about how the unconscious and conscious mind works, and how it can create problems not only in your golf game, but in your personal life too. Kumiko includes some of her own personal stories about golfing to get you motivated and truly loving golf. You will finish this book feeling confident about your game, and ready to start on those courses once again.

Kumiko Rodewald is a unique mental golf coach who works with golfers at all levels and areas of their game, using their mind. She coaches golfers holistically, with a goal to each the results her clients want to achieve. Whether that’s getting on the PGA or LPGA tour, becoming a single-digit handicapper, playing for fun, or just starting to learn the game, Kumiko is here to help.

Known by some as a Golf Therapist, Kumiko considers golf to be more like life than a just sport. Her philosophy, personality, and unique perspective have made her a competitive golfer and an extraordinary teacher.

Does the Golf Devil Whisper in Your Ear?: Using Your Mind to Play Better and Be Happier in Life is available on Amazon – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CS3HHTS8

Also, please visit the Kumiko’s website for more information at www.HappyGolferHappyLifeBook.com

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