Doctors and Nurses Pledge Support for Addiction Patients

Staffs at a Toronto rehab center have written a letter to patients pledging their commitment and support to their recovery.

Doctors and nurses at Addiction Rehab Toronto have put pen to paper to show patients, families and prospective patients how they will work to provide the very best care during their stay at the facility, particularly during the tough medical detox.

The nurses have also detailed their full commitment to their patients in a dedicated section on the rehab center’s website.

A spokesman from Addiction Rehab Toronto said: “The withdrawal process is one of the most difficult and dangerous part of the rehab process. Our doctors and nurses work extremely closely with patients during this part of the recovery.

“It is a key that our patients are monitored and kept calm and comfortable during this phase. Sometimes it can be a matter of life and death. This is where our doctors and nurses really come into their own.

“They wanted our patients and any future patients to know that they have got their back and that is why they decided to write something official. They wanted to know how seriously they take their jobs in helping people through a medical detox and put in writing how committed they are to helping them get through this difficult period, and get off the drugs and alcohol,” he added.

A medical detox is where patients are weaned off the substance they are addicted to. It might be more than one. The center will offer medical detoxes for alcohol, drug and CBD addictions. During the medical detox a patient can experience a range of nasty symptoms like cravings, mood swings, panic attacks, depression, trouble sleeping, nausea, sickness, muscle aches and spasms and potentially heart problems or seizures. Some addictions only take a few days to withdraw, but others can take weeks. Plus everyone reacts to drugs and alcohol differently, so every approach has to be tailored to the individual.

The spokesman added: “It is extremely hard for people to detox on their own, despite what they might think. The tiniest trigger could result in exposure to drugs and a relapse takes place. We offer a safe and controlled environment away from all of the temptations and triggers.

“Our team will make sure patients are hydrated and will treat any dangerous symptoms medically. We can help them with psychological symptoms of withdrawal with our highly qualified team, before we move them on to the next stage of their treatment program,” he added.

The Addiction Rehab Toronto offers a five-star holistic service for patients across Canada and North America, helping them with every aspect of their recovery.

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Addiction Rehab Toronto is a five-star drug and alcohol addiction rehab center. The facility offers patients and their families a safe, compassionate, holistic and client-centered approach to addiction recovery. The company has 30 different programs from art and craft to fitness, nutrition and yoga, counselling and all sorts of different therapy approaches.

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