DLo Luxury water launches a new product

Water is essential to life. Without a clean, reliable drinking water source, you will experience dehydration and eventually perish. Fresh water is by far the world’s most important commodity and just like any other commodity, water comes in various grades.

While water is vital, not all water is created equal. In modern cities, water recycling plants have come under dis-repair and are inefficient, in many cases producing water that is no longer safe to drink. In other locations, drinking water may be impossible to obtain in any format other than bottled water.

Your body responds to its levels of hydration and dehydration can result in impaired mental and physical performance. In these situations, you need water and you need it now! DLo Luxury water is the gold standard and benchmark of what you should be looking for in a bottled water that will keep you hydrated while tasting great.

With their affiliate plan, DLo Luxury water gives you the opportunity to spread the word about your favourite water, while earning discounts on your further purchases. At DLo Luxury water, we believe in giving back to not only our clients, but the global community as well.

In Haiti, a day’s water supply can cost as much as 20% of a daily working wage. With your support of DLo Luxury water, we are able to assist the underprivileged communities in Haiti with clean drinking water. A portion of all our sales go to the ‘Hope for Haiti Foundation’, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to uplifting the living standards and living conditions of the Haitian people in the wake of the environmental destruction on their island. With every purchase of DLo Luxury water, you are helping us give back to their community, making a positive impact on their lives.

What makes DLo Luxury water so unique and special is its source. Drawn from the aquifer at the base of the snow-capped mountains in Tennessee. DLo luxury water is a raw, naturally filtered water that first begins its journey to the bottle with the crisp, icy snowfalls that drift down into the mountain range.

As the fresh snow melts, it works its way through the rock fissures, adding in natural, vital minerals that give the water its unique taste and mouthfeel. Deep in the source mountain range, DLo water finishes its journey to the underground aquifer, free from pollutants and contaminants that are found near cities and villages, ensuring that only the purest natural glacier water reaches its destination.

DLo Luxury water undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that nothing but pure. Clean water reaches your lips, every time you open a bottle of our raw, natural luxury water. Our water has been harvested at source for over 100 years and DLo Luxury water will continue with this tradition. DLo water – Engineered by nature, bottled with perfection.

When you are out on the town or at an afternoon lunch, choose DLo Luxury water as your choice of hydration and relax knowing that you are drinking the very best water mother nature and planet earth have to offer.

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