Dixie Carlton’s Third Novel Titled Hell Hath No Fury Is Now Available On Amazon

Dixie Carlton is an Australian based author. Hell Hath No Fury is her third novel.

Dixie Carlton is delighted to present her third novel to the wide public. The Hell Hath No Fury book is available in Kindle format for just $3.59 on Amazon with a free sample available. The book’s length is 164 pages and the date of publication is October 1, 2016.

Dixie Maria Carlton is an author of a number of fiction and non-fiction books, including two business book series. Now, people worldwide have the opportunity to read her third novel that just has been released.

The story relates about a woman, named Alice who is in an unhappy situation. She has a loveless marriage and maybe dying from an incurable disease. Her husband James, feels compelled  to make the right choice about her. However, Alice will go extraordinary lengths to keep her husband. Besides the problem with her physical condition, the bigger issue becomes her mental health.

How will James’ avoid becoming  completely destroyed when he falls in love with another woman? What will his obsessed wife do from her deathbed? She will ultimately take on the radical path of destruction and manipulation. Readers will be engaged from the first up to the last page of this novel, being constantly on tenterhooks as to how it all will finish at the end. As with her previous novels, readers will be happy with their book choice.

To learn more about the Hell Hath No Fury book and order it, please visit https://www.amazon.com/Hell-Hath-Fury-Carlton-Dixie-ebook/dp/B01LYAK1P1/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1475630244&sr=8-1&keywords=dixie+carlton

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About the Author:

Dixie Maria Carlton is a popular Australian author. Two of her other stories include Beyond the Shadows, and Margaret – a Song out of Time. The Other Side of the Story is another book planned for release early next year.

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