Divine Revelation: Unraveling the Mystery of God’s True Name by George Gonzalez

Divine Revelation: Unraveling the Mystery of God's True Name by George Gonzalez

– From the beginning of time, humans have pondered the question – what is God’s real name? Is it Yehoshua, YHWH, Jehovah. or Yahweh? Not all Christians, believers, or other individuals are aware that God has other names.  From the beginning of time, humans have pondered the question – what is God’s real name?  “HaShem… The Name: “Identity Crisis among the Christian Nations” by George L. Gonzalez, provides extensive descriptions of God’s different names and provides insight into HIS nature, character, and identity. 

Read the book to get more details and information on this compelling subject. Be enlightened and be illuminated, by obtaining the knowledge shared by the author and illustrated by Christian Salazar. The book is a complete research source and the content is full-packed, the book will emphasize the basic tenets of the biblical faith of our forefathers.  

As you go through the pages, you will gain a deeper understanding of God and your faith. In the hopes of being able to share with the world through this book, the author shares the lessons the Lord has taught him over the years and his experience as a Chaplain – these lessons are life-changing and speak so much truth. 

Discover the transformative journey within the pages of “HaShem… The Name: “Identity Crisis among the Christian Nations.” Grab your copy at Amazon and available in the following bookstores, Page Turner Books, Kent, WA, Book Owl Books, Portsmouth, VA.BookSmart, Morgan Hill, CA. 

“HaShem… The Name: “Identity Crisis Among The Christian Nations” By George Gonzalez 

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About the Author 

A native Floridian, George retired from the Department of Defense as a Dental Ceramist in 2014. An avid reader of numerous Bibles, he began to see the Word of Elohim not only as a masterpiece of the written word but as a living, ready to perform, expression penned by His servants. George’s experience is in testing the Word. His faith, as well as seeing the evidence of truth, comes to life on a continual basis, leaving no doubt. The challenge is for everyone to step out in sincerity. God, who is all-knowing, knows your name and will communicate precisely the way you need to be made aware. George formerly ministered as a Chaplain and radio Bible teacher as well as led a mission outreach in South Florida. He has authored four books with a Hebraic point of view, as Elohim’s scrolls were written. Presently George runs a website, Kingoverus.com

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