Innovative search and comparison platform for overseas money transfer is launched in USA

September, US – To bring much-needed transparency to international money transfers, a new fintech website called ExchangeRateIQ.com has been launched in America. It is an innovative searching and comparison platform for international money transfer.

Each year over 230 million immigrants and diaspora across the world send more than $600 billion to their home countries. In 2015 over $133 Billion were sent as remittance from the USA alone. The sole purpose of this website is to help Expats and immigrants to find out the best way to send money.

The website is an overseas money transfer comparison platform that helps users find the best remittance options to send money from the USA to over 60 other countries and compare remittance exchange rates & fees. The platform offers an array of services which includes money transfer & remittances, while also providing the cheaper way to send money, the best way to send money to India.

Immigrants, Expats and foreign workers in America who come from developing economies such as India, Philippines, Mexico, China, Europe, UK and Latin America can use this money transfer platform to find the best options to send money back home to their loved ones. The user-friendly platform makes it easier for the foreign users to check market rates, compare remit rates and avoid paying hidden fees. There are new currencies and countries being added every day to the expanding network as it grows to become one of its kind.

“The current cross-border money transfer market is not just slow and expensive, but also very opaque about the cost associated with sending money. Our endeavor at Exchange Rate IQ is to empower the users with the best information about their remittances to help them get the best value for their money transfers.” Says Shyam Verma, the Co-Founder & Head of Technology of  this new startup  The founding team has over ten years of international payment industry experience. They use the latest technology to collect data that is processed and analyzed with over 50 parameters to find the best options to send money online and at branches of various money transfer companies

Exchange Rate IQ is trying to disrupt the International Money Transfer industry, and in the process it will empower users to make an informed decision. The website is collecting real-time exchange rates, fees, transfer modes, transfer time, offer & promotions from 50 plus money transfer operators. The collected data is then analyzed with intelligent algorithms to present a very simple matrix that could be filtered & sorted to further find the best option for money transfer

Some of the key features of Exchange Rate IQ include the discovering of new banks & money transfer companies and comparison of exchange rates, fees, and transfer time. In addition to that, the team gets negotiated exchange rates and fees designed for Exchange Rate IQ users and finds the “Realized Exchange Rates” without hidden fees. Furthermore, the website discovers latest exclusive offers, discounts, and promotional codes and gets consolidated user reviews of money transfer companies.

About ExchangeRateIQ

Exchange Rate IQ is a search and compare platform for International Money Transfer that helps users to find the fastest way to send money with the lowest fees and a higher exchange rate. The mission of the company is to bring transparency to the billions of dollars sent overseas every year and make every dollar of the hardworking manpower overseas count.

Website: https://ExchangeRateIQ.com

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Country: United States
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