\’Dissolving Mind\’ has been selected to San Francisco Frozen Film Festival

SAN FRANCISCO – The Frozen Film Festival is set to begin its annual film festival. A film festival is an organized and extended presentation of films in one or more cinemas or screening venues. This is usually done in a single city or region. They show some films outdoors. Films could be of recent date and, depending upon the festival’s focus, it can include international and domestic releases.

Synopsis of Dissolving Mind

A man wanders alone at night. As he peregrinates aimlessly in an unknown suburb, he enters an altered state of consciousness. His mind produces a series of hallucinations that eventually resolve in reaching a state of absolute psychological stillness.

“Dissolving Mind is an auto-ethnographic collage edit of a film I shot in MiniDv, “Maimed Howl,” combined and re-signified with personal archive footage I have been filming for ten years. As I’m approaching the end of my Ph.D. in cinematography, I felt that I had to analyze everything I filmed and identify which were the cinematic forces that oppressed my practice so that I could subvert them into a propelling, progressive visual and textual aesthetic.”, says Tomaso Aramini, Director.

The film was made through the Auto-ethnographic neo-dada experimental editing which aim is to subvert the alienated regime of the form of the culture industry. “My inspiration was from the legendary underground filmmaker Romano Scavolini. He is my mentor and author of banned film “Blind Fy” (1968), which is finally going to be released this June in a restored and original version, and the commercial success “Nightmare in A Damaged Brain” (1980), shot in New York.

Giorgio Moro- The Bandit “Manera” (Big Hands)

‘Dissolving Minds’ features the cameo of former notorious bandit Giorgio Moro “Manera”, the Italian Jean Genet; who started his criminal career in his childhood. He rose in criminal ranks. He targeted predominantly banks, and as a man of honor he never shot a fire, nor killed anyone. He served almost 19 years in prison, as he refused to reveal who were the members of his gang. Today Giorgio, fully rehabilitated in society, works as a park guardian. He wrote a book “I, Manera the Bandit” from which he gained  national recognition. He never regretted his past.

Al Bruni and The Angel’s Wings Recording Studio

Al Bruni, the leading character of the film, is the front man of the alternative Italian rock band :Empatia: which reached between the late 90s and beginning of the 2000s great success. After a period of silence,  they released ”  their new album”Dea- Godness in 2013. They are currently producing a new album.

Dissolving Mind has been mixed by Nico Odorico at Angel’s Wings Recording Studio which has been shortlisted as Best Recording Studio 2016 at the PRO SOUND AWARDS  in London. 

About Tomaso Aramini

Tomaso Aramini was born in Italy, in Pordenone, near Venice. He is an experimental filmmaker and cinematographer. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2011 where he completed his MA course in Filmmaking in Leeds at the Northern Film School. His graduation film, ‘Maria’, shot as cinematographer, has been screened in numerous international film festivals, and had gained him a nomination for best cinematography at the First Bill Vinten University Award, held by the British Guild of Television Cameramen.

His movies had won awards worldwide. In 2015 he shot “Impressions” as the relevant practice artwork for his research. During this year he has worked on completing his thesis due on September 2017, made the collage film “Dissolving Mind” which has already been screened in numerous festivals, winning Best Experimental Film, Best Director, Best Editing at Buchrest Short Cut Cinesfest, as well as creating a new experimental film, “They Lived” a visual re-interpretation of selected poems by award winner author Roberto Minardi, which is due to be completed by this autumn.

About Frozen Film Festival

The San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (SFFFF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2006 that is dedicated to creating avenues for independent filmmakers, youth, filmmakers of conscience, and artists from underserved communities to come together and exhibit their work to the widest possible audience. The Festival also features a musical competition that brings alternative music bands of the Bay together.


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