Disney’s First Lion King Lok Metaverse Chain Game Becomes Popular All Over the World

Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution (DMED) consists of the company’s international business units and various direct-to-consumer streaming services, integrating technology, media distribution, and advertising sales into one business unit that creates and delivers personalization to consumers around the world’s entertainment experience.

The “Lion King” token is an ERC-20 token built on the BSC blockchain with the core purpose of being used as a basis for transactions and interactions throughout the “Lion King” ecosystem. The LOK (Lion King) token will serve as the native in-game currency in the ecosystem, as well as governance and staking resources.

The LOK token will play an integral role in the “Lion King” ecosystem. LOK tokens will be required to purchase ammo or fuel needed for the game to win game options. LOK tokens will also be distributed to game participants as rewards

LOK tokens will be ERC-20 tokens issued on BSC. All blockchain assets in the game (heroes)

All are ERC-721 tokens, issued on a scalable infrastructure, with the following characteristics:

• Support ERC-20 and ERC-721

• Not a centralized sidechain

• Deployed on the BSC smart chain. We will officially release our public chain in the V5 stage

“Lion King” is a game that operates as a service. We have built a strong and diversified revenue model that includes a number of key revenue drivers:

• NFT sales – sales of heroes and other in-game assets.

• Transaction Fees – We will charge a fraction of the LOK token transaction volume.

• Other revenue – including advertising, premium player subscriptions and services; introduced at a later stage after the game matures.

(1) Lion King’s NFT is limited, and the total issuance is: 10,000 NFTs.

(2) Lion King uses the invitation mechanism, direct push and indirect push relationship

A invites B (B participates in the game, A will get 10% of B’s ​​game income)

B invites C (C participates in the game, B will get 10% of C’s game income, A will get 5% of C’s game income)

(3) Fair, Lion King’s game is very simple, even those who have never played the game can easily start, and it takes less than 10 minutes a day to complete the task and get the reward.

(4) Breeding system, players can create NFTs beyond the blind box level, L6 level ligers. Divide the funds of the reward pool.

With a mission to create the most engaging and eye-catching games in the P2E space, our team is no slouch. With years of experience in various games, our “Lion King” team has earned a groundbreaking reputation for stunning designs by blending NFT art, high-end concepts, and experimentation with multiple minds. We first created a whimsical and vastly beautiful universe with unique characters. Simba will lead his new companions back to the country, and they will be divided into the following groups according to different characteristics to hunt for benefits:

Great Plains (North America)

West Siberian Plain (Asia)

North China Plain (Asia)

Eastern European Plain (Europe)

Amazon Plain (South America)

Lapla Plain (South America)

Creating the next great success of P2E (play-to-earn) requires not only big dreams but also a detailed plan to realize each vision. “Lion King” will be driven by the following unique advantages:

1. Low threshold for players to participate in the game: “Lion King” will remain real, allowing players to have a better gaming experience and allowing more people to participate in the game, and become the master of the “Lion King” game. “Lion King” will have a lower threshold for players to play than most parts of the GameFi world.

2. An attractive economic model: Gamers like to earn money by playing games through P2E, because creatives anywhere in the world can share their work and get paid. You’ll easily participate in “Lion King”‘s economic model and get rewarded for the time you spend playing the game in many exciting ways.

3. Playability: Incredible graphics and characters will bring you into an unparalleled gaming experience. Most importantly, “Lion King” is ready for a sustainable, adaptable future.

4. Marketing initiative: P2E (play and earn) makes a lot of noise these days, so without a solid, well-planned marketing plan, even the best-designed games won’t have a loyal following. Our marketing strategy is now a well-oiled, poised machine, ready to take off in the Metaverse. We’ll make sure we have a key user base to bring “Lion King” into a new, engaging world.

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