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SOUTH KOREA – 17 November, 2023 – VINNE, the epitome of beauty innovation, proudly presents its latest offerings to redefine your beauty routine. With a commitment to excellence, VINNE introduces the highly anticipated VINNE Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm and the acclaimed VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation, designed to elevate your makeup experience and skincare regimen.

VINNE Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm: Elevate Your Lip Care Routine

VINNE takes pride in unveiling its revolutionary Plumping Glow Tint Lip Balm, a makeup vegan-certified marvel by Italy’s V-LABEL. Boasting a 5-in-1 functionality, this lip balm is more than just a cosmetic; it’s a comprehensive lip care solution. The key features include:

  • Premium Ingredients: Infused with Genuine Borfirin from French Cedema at an impressive 50000 ppm, seven types of vegetable fermented oil, oligohyaluronic acid, and five essential vitamins, VINNE Lip Balm provides profound lip nourishment.

  • Certified Clean Beauty: Vegan-certified by Italy’s V-LABEL, this lip balm is devoid of animal ingredients, adhering to the highest standards of clean beauty.

  • Natural & Elegant Coloration: Achieve moisturized, vibrant lips with naturally radiant and sophisticated colors, minus the stickiness.

  • Safety First: Fragrance-free and free from 13 harmful ingredients, VINNE Lip Balm ensures a safe and gentle application every time.

  • Comprehensive Lip Solution: Address concerns like wrinkled and thin lips, fading lip color, and dryness. With VINNE, achieve fuller and more vibrant lips that last.

“Our lip balm is a game-changer in the beauty industry, offering a transformative lip care experience that goes beyond traditional balms. It’s time to say goodbye to lip worries and embrace the beauty of VINNE.”

VINNE Korean Cushion Foundation: Experience Beauty Redefined

Recognized as one of the best Korean cushion foundations in the market, VINNE takes pride in unveiling its lightweight SPF50 sunscreen-infused Korean Cushion Foundation. Key features include:

  • Skin Type Specific: Tailored for all skin tones, this foundation caters to all skin types, offering hydrating essence for dry skin, mattifying properties for oily skin, and fine line reduction for mature skin.

  • Primer and Makeup in One: With primer-like properties, VINNE’s cushion foundation ensures a smooth application, minimizing pores and fine lines.

  • High Protection with Natural Finish: With SPF50, it provides high protection against sun damage, offering a natural finish that lasts for up to 12 hours.

  • Perfect Diary Cushion Foundation Experience: Trusted by many, VINNE’s cushion foundation rivals the experience of using the perfect diary cushion foundation, recommended by beauty experts and users alike.

“Our Korean Cushion Foundation is a testament to our commitment to excellence. It not only enhances your beauty but also protects your skin with SPF50, providing a flawless finish that lasts all day.”

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VINNE is a beauty brand dedicated to providing innovative and high-quality makeup and skincare products. With a focus on clean beauty, VINNE aims to redefine beauty standards and empower individuals to embrace their unique beauty.

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