Discover the universe’s wonders with Cosmic Calendar’s astrologer

Singapore – 5 Jan, 2024 – Astrologer Jamie Lisa Li (YouTube: Cryptic Lilac) is thrilled to announce the launch of Cosmic Calendar, a digital astrological calendar designed specifically for the everyday person, who would like to synchronize their modern life with the stars. This unique calendar provides not only the timings of astrological events but also their meanings — all in one place.

Designed for the modern individual, the Cosmic Calendar automatically adjusts to your local time zone worldwide, making it a perfect planning tool for business meetings, travel plans, dates, personal development, health and fitness goals and much more.

Key features include:

  • Automatic Time Zone Adjustment: Adapts to your local time, providing accurate astrological timings no matter where you are in the world.
  • Comprehensive Astrological Events: Includes date and time information on retrogrades, cazimis, eclipses, new and full moons, and sun sign changes.
  • Integrated Event Meanings: Offers detailed explanations of each astrological event inside the calendar, ensuring users have instant access to insights without having to research elsewhere.
  • Entire Year Coverage: Calendar extends to December, offering a full year’s perspective on upcoming astrological events.
  • Integration with Popular Calendar Apps: Easily synchronize with your existing calendars like iCal or gCal.
  • Customizable Notifications: Set reminders for upcoming astrological events that matter most to you.


Imagine carrying an astrologer wherever you go — whether you’re planning your day or looking ahead, the Cosmic Calendar ensures the stars are always within reach.

Use it for:

  • Plan important business meetings for optimal discussions and agreements, or sign contracts
  • Invest, make a trade, buy property, or any other significant money decisions
  • Travel dates and plans
  • Personal dates for love and relationships
  • Personal development goals
  • Health and fitness goals

“I understand that astrology should be accessible and engaging, and the digital Cosmic Calendar is my answer to that. It’s ideal for both astrology beginners and seasoned enthusiasts, because it’s a product that enriches and simplifies the lives of the person using it. It’s a synergy of both traditional astrological insights with modern tech and creativity.” — Lilac (Instagram)

The Digital Astro Calendar is now available via WAITLIST.

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