Discover the Rich History of Durham through “A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way” By Cora Darrah

Discover the Rich History of Durham through "A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way" By Cora Darrah
Cora Darrah, a talented local author and descendant of Richard Harvey Wright, invites readers to embark on a captivating journey through time with her new historical fiction novel, “A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way.” Delving into the pages of this remarkable book, readers will witness the rise of a determined young man who played a pivotal role in shaping Durham’s tobacco empire.

Set in the late 19th century, “A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way” introduces Richard Harvey Wright, an orphan with a relentless ambition to build a tobacco dynasty. Denied higher education due to financial constraints, Richard approaches the business world from an unconventional angle. Through unwavering determination, he defies all odds, ultimately becoming one of the most successful businessmen of his time.

In the shadow of renowned enterprises like American Tobacco and the William T. Blackwell Company, Richard charts his own unique path to success. Enduring multiple tragedies along the way, he presses forward, unyielding in his pursuit of greatness. Richard’s global perspective, gained through extensive travels, provides him with insights into the business world that few have ever witnessed. However, despite his worldly experiences, he always considers Durham, North Carolina, as his home and final resting place.

“A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way “Grants readers a captivating glimpse into Durham’s history through the eyes of this remarkable man. Witness the dynamic era when Washington Duke, William T. Blackwell, and John Merrick roamed the streets of Durham, leaving an indelible mark on its legacy. Drawing from Richard’s personal archives meticulously preserved at the Rubenstein Library on the Duke University Campus, Cora Darrah masterfully weaves a narrative that immerses readers in a bygone era.

Cora Darrah, a native of Durham and a distant relative of Richard Harvey Wright, dedicated countless hours of research to bring this tale to life. Currently residing in Durham, North Carolina, with her husband and their French Bulldog, Cora has expertly blended her personal connection with Richard’s story, ensuring an authentic and engaging reading experience.

“A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way” is set to release in September and will be available on Amazon. Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on an enthralling historical adventure that will transport you to the heart of Durham’s past.

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About Cora Darrah:

Cora Darrah is an accomplished author and native of Durham, North Carolina. Inspired by her ancestral connection to Richard Harvey Wright, she devoted extensive research and passion to craft “A Story of Durham: Told the Wright Way.” Cora resides in Durham with her husband and two beloved French Bulldogs.

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