Discover The Best Photo Locations In The World With PIXEO’s Incredible Web Map

PIXEO is a small Canadian company founded by photographers Shawn and Lisette Kent, which is focused on helping other photographers find photo locations.

PIXEO curates the very best photography locations from around the world. They created a unique web map, featuring a growing collection of over 3000 of the world’s most photogenic locations. These crowd-sourced photo locations are carefully reviewed and vetted by a team of photographers for accuracy. The best part, the PIXEO Web Map is completely free! Using the map is simple without the hassles of sign-ups and registrations.

Photographers can also submit their own locations to win monthly giveaways in the PIXEO Photo Challenge. The Photographers always retain the copyright over the images they submit and PIXEO links back to their social profile or website of choice.

Finding places to shoot can be a tremendous challenge for photographers. Precious time is often spent researching locations, exploring the web, and trying to find that great spot that only the locals know about. As a solution, PIXEO lets photographers share their favorite locations with each other, opening a world of photographic possibilities, literally. With the new web map, photographers can go online, explore the map, and find their next spot to shoot with a few clicks of the button.

Photo locations are uploaded by PIXEO and photographers from around the world. The very best submissions are entered to win Amazon Gift Cards in monthly and yearly photo contests. As well, the best photos are featured on PIXEO’s rapidly growing social profiles, website, and newsletters. When a photo spot is added to the map, photographers are always credited for their work, and if they wish, a link is added to their site or Instagram profile of choice. PIXEO also protects photographers’ rights and PIXEO will never sell submitted images or Photographer information to anyone.

PIXEO’s services are free, however, there’s a small ad on the map page. PIXEO also has a subscription-based iOS app so Photographers who like the web map which has a limited number of collections have the option to download and subscribe to the PIXEO App if they wish. The App has roughly 30,000 global locations for photographers and is only $0.99/month or $9.99/year.

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