Discover a New Perspective on Money and Embrace its Infinite Possibilities with Gale West’s “Money Come Dance With Me”

Discover a New Perspective on Money and Embrace its Infinite Possibilities with Gale West's "Money Come Dance With Me"

Are you seeking a healthy relationship with money and want to explore it as a dynamic source of love? If yes, then join an extraordinary exploration by Gale West in her book, “Money Come Dance With Me.” You’ll be delighted with a unique perspective presented by Gale in this book about treating money as a living entity with whom you can have a lively association.

Wouldn’t it be a great and unique aspect to relate with money as a guide and a friend? Gale West shares some exclusive ideas to make a connection with it and even learn to talk with money. Most importantly, this book does not address your cheque-book and how you should deal with it, but it’s a joyful ride to enable you to have a larger balance. Through Gale’s insightful thoughts, readers will explore to feel better by spending money on the right choices they make for themselves. This book is not just targeting the people who are struggling financially, but for those who are spending money by not connecting to it spiritually.

This exploration by Gale West about money is profound because she gives us a different perspective to discover the transformative healing experience with it. While growing up, we all have heard that money is the root of all evil, as no one even told us the spirited side of it in our lives. Some people even hesitate to talk about money due to the conventional taboo linked with it. Gale West is on a journey to allow everyone to develop a conscious relationship with money while stepping onto the dance floor by reading this book.

If you’re wondering how to experience more joy in your life with respect to money, then grasp this systemic guide by Gale West to enrich your life and values by having a wonderful bond with money.

About the Author

Gale West is a globally acclaimed speaker and consultant, as well as a business intuitive. From her depth of training in diverse fields, she has been serving for more than 30 years while inspiring people from different walks of life. Due to her past experiences teaching business, entrepreneurship, and leadership, she is now on a mission to transform the conventional paradigm linked with money. Therefore, “Money Come Dance with Me” is Gale’s generous approach to attaining this aspiration of hers.   

Grab this incredible read, as it will transform your money mindset!

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