DirtyVibezs to Offer Entertainment and Pleasure to Trap Music and Dance Lovers

DirtyVibezs announces today the launch of his one-of-a-kind entertainment to all people interested in trap music. DirtyVibezs is a Trap DJ who plays the top 40 hits with his unique remixes. The DirtyVibezs Music is now lighting up the Dance Floor all across NYC.

Trap music is a music genre which is starting to gain a bit of momentum through the ever-developing sub-genres of dance music culture. Even though this new found hype towards EDM Trap Music, which some people may call it, trap music has emerged fruitfully. DirtyVibezs is one of the artists who strive to offer entertainment and pleasure to all music and dance lovers in New York.

DirtyVibezs is a famous club promoter surrounded by almost everything from Victoria Secrets models to many famous NY and Miami celebrities. He has showcased his enthusiasm and skills for working in the music industry for a few years. His effort is knitted clearly into the tracks, which he typically publishes for his followers and fans. The pleasant-sounding strokes and sounds will all the new electronic beats. The artist is thrilled with his fans to count in SoundCloud and Instagram though he’s expecting more feedback from the dancer and music lovers.

For those who are not yet fond of trap music, DirtyVibezs will surely change their perspective. To increase their awareness and familiarity to trap music this type of music can be best described as a combination of:

  • 1/3 hip-hop wherein song structure and tempo are the same, and most tracks are commonly between 70-110 bpm and with vocals that are pitched down at times;
  • 1/3 dance music with hardstyle sampling, high-pitch synth work and a plethora of popular EDM songs trap remixed; 
  • 1/3 dub where there is a low-frequency focus as well as a stronger emphasis on repetitiveness all throughout the songs.

The style which DJ DirtyVibezs has adopted is making a massive impact on his audiences. There’s a simplicity described throughout his masterpieces. The hook of his mixes takes a hold on the hook too. Whatever the mood of the person listening to his mixes, one will surely love staying connected with this talented pop star for his remarkable creations.

The arrangements of the lyrics and the fast switches from higher pitches to lower one will mesmerize anyone. DirtyVibezs is truly engrossed in the world of trap music from a very young age. His talent for creating new music along with great rhythmic blends is worth admiring.

For those who want to listen to DirtyVibezs song, songs are available on SoundCloud:

SoundCloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/ev-ron-clive/live-in-vegas

About DirtyVibezs:

DirtyVibezs is an artistic DJ who strives to promote trap music. He is delivering all-new trap music and new electronic beats through his compositions that provide superb musicality of the artist. 

For more information, follow DirtyVibezs on his Instagram account at @DirtyVibezs.

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