Dimeracks: New OnlyFans Millionaire Gives Back To the Society

Dimeracks Donates $18,000 To The Homeless

MUSICIZLIFE.COM is excited to share Dimeracks’ amazing story. The social media influencer recently made her first millionaire dollars utilizing Only Fans, a popular subscription-based app.

COVID-19 has a major effect on the economy, leaving 12.6 million U.S Citizens unemployed. Dimeracks believes giving back is her responsibility as an influencer and new millionaire. She has since donated over $‚Äč18,000 to homeless citizens, single mothers, and children.

Dimeracks plans to continuously give back to the community and has new innovative ideas that will help her do so.


Instagram: https://instagram.com/dimeraxks?igs

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/dimeberackyhid=15ab0gphjyn38

“My plan for 2021 is to get more people involved with the community. I am also working on a Food Truck that will bring food to the homeless and people in need.”


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