Digital Marketing Agency Exults To Award Its Scholarship Winner For School Year 2020-2021

Digital Marketing Agency Exults To Award Its Scholarship Winner For School Year 2020-2021

Exults Scholarship Winner – Ryan Coleman
A Florida-based digital marketing company recently announced the winner for their annual scholarship program. Called the Exults Scholarship, the yearly awardees will receive $1,000 financial assistance to help pursue their higher education degrees.

Coral Springs, Florida – July 26, 2021 – Digital marketing agency Exults has chosen their scholarship winner for the school year 2021-2022. After several months of accepting applications, the company has chosen Ryan Coleman, a student pursuing his Master’s degree at the University of Southern California. Coleman will be receiving the $1,000 financial grant in the fall semester of 2021.

Many students dream of completing a degree in higher education. Finding a field that they are passionate about while creating an impact in society is one of the greatest ways that students can find personal fulfillment. Sadly, there are many obstacles that students face while trying a pursue a college degree. Whether it is about finances, schedules, and other obligations, some individuals can be discouraged to continue in this dream.

Exults believes that every student should have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Financial problems should not hinder hopeful individuals from pursuing their field of choice, especially if it will help improve their careers and status in life. This is the primary reason why the digital marketing company started the Exults Scholarship. By helping ease the financial burden of college students, the company believes that it can change one student’s life at a time.

On the recent application for the scholarship program, students were asked the essay question: “In your opinion, what company has had the best branding strategy in 2020? What separates the branding from the competition?”

The most notable answer is from winner Ryan Coleman, where he shared his knowledge in the growth of a well-recognized startup called Substack.

“Without a doubt the best branding strategy I saw implemented in 2020 was Substack’s. If you work in any remote proximity to the media and publishing industries you probably haven’t stopped hearing about the upstart media entity for at least two years now,” he stated.

Ryan discussed the enormous growth of the company and how unique its strategy was with all other businesses in its niche. Without the constraints of editors, independent creatives were able to show that the company was about in many unique ways.

“Over the last couple years the company has ballooned to a gargantuan size once thought impossible. Historians like Heather Cox Richardson and journalists like The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald left their former work homes for one reason or another – a difference of values, the desire for financial independence, growing resentment of editorial constraint – and have amassed miniature media empires of one to the tune of, reportedly, up to millions per year,” he added.

Ryan also talked about the wonderful potential of other companies to emulate a refreshing way forward to independent journalism.

“From my vantage point, as a film journalist, the company has brought the independence back to independent journalism by creating a new way forward. No longer does one have to submit to the wills of an editor or the demands of advertisers and investors,” he concluded.

Ryan Coleman will be given his $1,000 financial grant in the fall semester of 2021 as he pursues his Specialized Journalism Master’s degree.

Exults is a digital marketing agency based in Coral Springs, Florida. With many services such as SEO, web design, social media management, and other well-known strategies, Exults aims to create customized marketing plans to help their client’s businesses grow.

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