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Blog-oriented online portal covers everything from digital marketing analytics, trends, methods and technologies to posing for a photo shoot.
Digital Marketer Watch ( has been gaining popularity as a blog-oriented online portal that offers not only intuitive blogs but infographics and videos on a variety of topics – from digital marketing analytics, trends, methods and technologies to holiday shopping tips, recommendations on posing for a photo shoot, the importance of smartphones in modern life and more. 

With the 2016 holiday season drawing to a close, Digital Marketer Watch’s main page blog focused on the stresses associated with this time of year and attempted to offer counterbalance options in a piece titled “Holiday Shopping Made Easy – How to Eliminate Stress This Season.” Appropriately, the blog focuses on today’s Internet-driven world with online shops such as and their special deals, with Digital Marketer Watch representatives pointing to creating a universal online holiday gift registry to further simplify holiday shopping.

Also appearing on Digital Marketer Watch’s main page is an eye-catching infographic titled “Hot Tub Health Pros,” and, as its namesake suggests, the graphic focuses on ridding the body of toxins, loosening tensions, encouraging relaxation and reducing pain and stress by way of hydrotherapy. “If an individual is feeling a bit tired, under the weather or out of sorts, hydrotherapy provides several health benefits that will not only boost health both mentally and physically, but stimulate blood supply, help improve the function of internal organs and help the immune system,” states a Digital Marketer Watch medical advisor who contributed to the creation of the infographic.

Beyond two pieces that have received a plethora of attention from visitors to – a “Guide on How to Pose for a Photo Shoot” video and “Why Smartphones are So Essential in Modern Life” infographic – it has been the “Digital Marketing Analytics – What Do You Need to Know” infographic created by Digital Marketer Watch that has had many in the online marketing world talking. 

“The single most important investment for a digital marketer this year is marketing analytics,” says a seasoned marketing professional working closely with Digital Marketer Watch executives. “But even more goes in to an analytics and insight program than deciding to make the initial investment; there are tools, resources and capabilities that one will need to have, and Digital Marketer Watch’s incredible infographic covers all the top tools.”

Digital Marketer Watch’s homepage divides available categories between BlogsInfographics and Videos to help visitors find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

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