Digital Marketer and Bestselling Author Dave Lynch Offering Authors The Chance To Promote Their Books For Free

Freelance writer and the author of the best selling book #AmWriting – Dave Lynch knows all too well the importance of marketing a book, especially for Indie book authors who desire that after getting their work published, their work gets noticed by the right group of readers. Dave is also a digital marketer and has recently added indie book publicist to his ranks. On the launch of his book publicist business, Indie Book Publicist Dave announced that his company will be offering authors the chance to appear on his new chats to help promote their book.

Dave presents indie book authors a free book promotion opportunity on one of the Internet’s rising forces for publicity:

“One of the Internet’s rising forces for publicity is If you haven’t heard of it – it’s a broadcast style chat show that uses real-time chats similar to Google’s Hangouts. Except it integrates with Twitter and allows numerous members of the public join in by tweeting questions and comments to the participants,” Dave said of the power of as a publicity tool for indie book authors.

The creation of the internet has presented business people and content creators an amazing opportunity to market and advertise their skills and products. Authors too can benefit from this book marketing opportunity to receive the attention which would have otherwise been denied.

Dave wants authors to capitalize on this opportunity for free by scheduling an interview style session with Dave on his chats, the session will last 10-15 minutes. The interested authors would need to fill out a short 10 question form prior to the actual chat session; the interview will be based on the information provided in the form. All genres are acceptable, hate/pornographic material will not be accepted (mainstream erotica is ok).

Dave added: “One of the benefits is that the shows are recorded and archived for anyone to view forever more. This is what they call “sticky content”. It’s not going away and offers tremendous opportunity for discovery. If you can see how valuable getting in front of an audience – for just 10 minutes – then contact me to schedule an interview about your book. It doesn’t have to be new and it doesn’t have to be in any specific genre.”

Interested Indie book authors are requested to visit: to avail this golden advertising opportunity.


Dave Lynch is a freelance writer and digital marketing expert who connect Indie authors with influential book promoters. Indie Book Publicist is a new book publicist service for self-published authors. Blog subscribers receive valuable marketing tips via email.  

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