Digital Arms announces planned launch of website and ecosystem in Q4 2021

Digital Arms announces planned launch of website and ecosystem in Q4 2021

Sydney, Australia – Digital Arms, an ecosystem for hunting and firearm enthusiasts built on Blockchain Technology, is pleased to announce the planned launch of its website and ecosystem in Q4 2021. 


Digital Arms has developed an ecosystem for hunting and firearm enthusiasts built on Blockchain Technology.

Digital Arms will provide an ecosystem for the hunting and firearm community, to enable them to immerse in an NFT experience they’re passionate about.

The ecosystem offers many features, services and products including:

  • Firearm-related Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Created from the actual computer-aided-design (CAD).

  • Global NFT licensing rights 

  • A digital marketplace that will facilitate the trading of NFTs and other digital assets.

  • The Hunter Token ($HNTR) facilitates the entire Digital Arms ecosystem.

  • Digital Arms exclusive merchant services and experiences such as hunting Safaris.

Digital Arms’ headline product will initially consist of the digital recreation of real-world firearm-related NFTs. Each NFT will have a unique identifier that will allow different pieces of software, such as video games and metaverses, to read the data and recreate the gun within their digital environment.

At the core, the company will build and release firearm Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will have certain capabilities. For example, being able to add multiple accessories like optical sights, high capacity magazines, grips, suppressors, and being reskinned in different colours and/or designs etc. 

Digital Arms NFTs will be scarce, collectable, and will be interoperable with video games.

Digital Arms will also release The Digital Armoury, which is a marketplace where individuals can acquire, sell and trade the NFTs which they own.

The platform will allow users to purchase valuable firearm NFTs which will be scarce and collectable. Also, the company will work with industry leaders to provide further utility for our NFTs via partnerships such as airdrops on certain NFTs or in-game useability.

For select releases, Digital Arms will partner with internationally reputable firearm brands on the release of NFTs, built from the actual computer-aided-design (CAD) used to manufacture the firearm. Partnerships will include those manufacturing firearms for the military, as well as firearms for competition shooting and hunting.

The hunting ecosystem will provide a single booking directory for international guided Safari Hunts, where each merchant can be easily found by our users. Our users will be able to use their $HNTR tokens with the merchants and the merchants will receive higher exposure and potentially a wider array of customers.


There is a current gap in the firearm, gaming, and hunting industries in that there is no opportunity for the purchase, ownership and trade of digital firearms and accessories.

Digital Arms have identified the hunting and gaming industries as high growth areas that may provide lucrative market results.

  • In 2020, there were 5 million new firearm owners in America, joining the already 100 million plus owners.

  • 40% of Americans live in a household where either they or someone else owns a firearm, 22% (roughly 72 million) of individuals report owning a firearm

  • In Australia, there are roughly 3.5 million registered firearms with an average of four firearms per licensed firearm owner

  • In America, hunting generates $86.9 billion USD per annum

  • In 2020, the ammunition and firearms industry were responsible for around $63.49 billion in total economic activity in America.

  • Gaming as a global business is worth around $175 billion USD.

  • Current forecasts estimate the gaming market to be worth $268 billion USD by 2025.

  • In a study, 43% of players claim they use skins to change the appearance of their avatars/characters, weapons and vehicles


A non-fungible token is a class of digital asset that exists online, has unique properties, and is managed in a digital ledger, i.e., a Blockchain. These digital assets become valuable because of attributes such as their scarcity: Each NFT serialised and is invested with a certificate of authenticity.

The Hunter Token ($HNTR) will be the core medium of exchange that facilitates the entire Digital Arms ecosystem.

Hunter Token ($HNTR) is a cryptocurrency token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). It is the token that will be used throughout the Digital Arms platform, to purchase and sell NFTs, as well as to access other platform features.

Using Binance Smart Chain as the blockchain of choice makes the token interoperable with existing Ethereum wallets, but with lower transaction fees than the Ethereum Main Chain.

The maximum number of tokens that can ever be generated is set at 1 billion.

Like all NFTs, the value of Hunter Tokens will largely be determined by their popularity amongst fans.

Additionally, Digital Arms will set up on-chain and off-chain liquidity pools which will allow users to provide liquidity for the $HNTR token, whilst earning rewards. These liquidity pools will help facilitate the ecosystem and allow community members and merchants to exit their $HNTR position if they so choose.


The products that Digital Arms aim to create are completely unique and have never been attempted before.

Digital Arms will produce firearm NFTs in various designs, which will be created to be interoperable with any game. 

Game developers may embed a particular purpose for the NFTs at their discretion and Digital Arms will give game developers an opportunity to sell NFTs on their platform, providing them with a revenue share of the proceeds.

The company will also create a software development kit for easy interoperability as well as incentive mechanisms for game developers to embed our NFTs within their game.

Additionally, the Digital Armoury will enable exclusive features for the NFTs that no other marketplace can offer. This may include the burning of NFTs for rewards determined by the rarity class and the ability to stake NFTs.

Chris Watkins, Founder & CEO of Digital Arms, as well as Founder of TSA Outdoors and Zerotech Optics expressed optimism in Digital Arms and Hunter Token’ use case and ability to disrupt the industry: “We are leading the way with the world’s first Firearms industry supported token, we have deep roots in the firearms industry which have enabled Digital Arms to secure partnerships with the most influential firearm brands in the world. This uniquely positions us to support a huge community of firearm and hunting enthusiasts like no other crypto currency in the world.“


This material is based on information provided by the Digital Arms Team, for informational purposes only and is not an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities or engage in financial services.

The Digital Arms ecosystem will be regulated under international law and any other applicable law. Participants of the Digital Arms ecosystem will be regulated by international laws, laws of their country of residence and any other applicable law.

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