Digital Advertising Sweeping the Nation For Local Businesses

Digital advertising for local business is becoming a hot commodity among local businesses and despite the growing popularity, social media for business is still put on the back burner for a lot of organizations. Benjamin Hartsuff is a digital marketing expert leading the charge looking to change this for local businesses. There’s skepticism around its effectiveness for local or small businesses because we see huge brands like Coca-Cola, Nike and Starbucks get all the success.

However, social media can benefit businesses of any size. Many small- and medium-sized companies see growth in brand awareness, site traffic, shares and customer engagement when there’s a plan in place. This form of advertising is proving to be much more effective than any other form of advertising spend the ROI is far better than anything else local businesses are doing.

“Benjamin is a #1 best-selling author | Social Media Expert | Local Lead Generation Authority | Expert in building authority through Public Relations and has been doing business and marketing for over 15 years. His ability to get results is second to none with his strategies being extremely effective. Benjamin has a unique perspective on what he calls the “Boss Authority” – John Wells

Many local businesses are sick of spending money on advertising without really knowing the effectiveness of their marketing. Now with digital marketing everything has become extremely easy to track and thus making it extremely effective to get in front of the exact customer their business requires with the right plan in place.

When a company is in need of a plan of execution and someone to execute that plan to perfection there is a simple solution. Contact Bent Marketing and have a professional layout, a custom tailored strategy for you so you can see the power behind this phenomenon sweeping the nation.

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