An innovative thinker opened his coffee shop and started with two locations in Los Angeles, August 2013. What seemed like a mom and pop coffee shop had a bigger idea – to get the business model right for global expansion. In 2016 Best Roast Coffee, LLC (BRC) launched the companies scalable coffee shop model to fit in a 4 feet space in existing retailers and big box grocery business.

Enabling big box grocery to sell made to order organic and gourmet coffee and espresso to customers. BRC went from 1 to over 60 locations coast to coast in 10 months empowering Sprouts Farmers Market (SFM) to enter the cups per day drinking sector.

Now in 2017 retailers have seen what SFM has done and want in. BRC is opening 250 locations as it partners with more publicly traded companies and now hotel groups to offer a full organic coffee solution. Their key to success, two always in demand products… Coffee and Water. What is the true success behind the business? 

We asked founder Jason Roe the person that achieved this – Mr Roe says “You need to have innovation, preferably a great idea so you have nobody that can compete with you. Once you have that it comes down to three things you need to have a plan, make the idea scalable, and third is roll out. Amazon started from selling books in a home garage, and apple started the same way, two guys in a San Fransisco house. BRC we are no different, just two people that think different and share the belief nothing is impossible”. The thinking of the person that stared the company is the difference a what separated Amazon Apple and today BRC. The idea of the entrepreneur is different, one only needs to look at the thinking. 

Upon opening coffee shop, typically the business owner would naturally want to sell coffee beverages and Espresso, and the coffee beans to their customers. Mr Roe refused to sell his coffee beans, demonstrating his different thinking. 

When we asked the entrepreneur – why? Mr Roe says “If you can go into a KFC and buy a piece of their raw chicken, and their secret herbs and spice mix and if they allow you to take them both home to prepare for yourself… then I will allow people to do the same with my product and take my coffee beans home too, to prepare for themselves” Our coffee is always made by a professional, on professional specialized commercial coffee equipment. This makes it consistently smooth and good. Taking it home we run the risk of never seeing the customer again based on what they think of our coffee after they make it. Also having the coffee only available at the place of purchase causes repeat business to the place their coffee was made, and that’s our idea – to creating more business for that place or brand our coffee shop model is in.” 

In the 16 billion per year daily cups per day coffee industry the focus is who can create the best coffee and the attention is always paid to fresh coffee beans, coffee roasting, and coffee extraction processes. BRC made a point of using only fresh roasted beans, so it was perfect and fresh every week. Best Roast Coffee recognized all competitors had the same focus too, the coffee, and so many experts comment on roasting methods and strategies. This innovative company recognized that and wanted to be different, so turned focus from the coffee to the water for the perfect cup. That at first led to the introduction of a reverse osmosis however the entrepreneur behind BRC was not happy with that idea because bottle water companies had a focus on filtration alone.

BRC switched research and study to quantum application of energy to water and invented the worlds first commercial available Quantum water. A combination of magnets and light energy in an eleven stage process. They named it Magnetized water, however it is not magnets alone, and not only did it produce a great cup of coffee, the company identified opportunity to bottle the water and proceeded sell the water at the source in his coffee shop for a higher price than all other bottle water on the market. Water not transported to the shop or exposed to the sun, bottled at the source sold at the source. Creating their own water BRC today known as Magnetized Earth Water and on sale in large scale big box grocery stores across USA.

The company further expanded the water line of products bottled at the store adding pieces of fruit to the bottle creating the Spa fruit water. This innovative conceptual thing appealed to the demographics that have now surpassed the baby boomer, the millennials. And very soon a Nonfiction book about quantum water, and the human beings co-dependence of the magnetics of the planet followed “The Force Is In You” now on sale all over the planet in more than 80 countries.

In extraordinary thinking again the entrepreneur did not seek to promote the unique water as quantum water, knowing the benefits include preventing heart disease, recognizing solutions for Autism, increasing communication efficiencies within the human body, and its crystalline structure when frozen. Public listed companies who tested the magnetized water to establish their own findings. When asked why Mr Roe says “Consciousness is very strong, the last thing I want to do is get into an argument with that over magnetized water. So I let the magnetized water speak for itself, and believe me it can. Consciousness is the most powerful energy on the planet, and if I know that to be true then to try and convince consciousness to give up centuries of old thinking spanning generations, is declaring a war on old thoughts, and I don’t like the idea of war, so I let people’s eyes decide what to think through experiencing the product for themselves” Mr Roe suggest “In the early 1900’s science lead medical experts to rub mercury cream on the wound or a mother after having a baby. This was leading edge science in its day. You would face a malpractice lawsuit, and potentially more if you intentionally rubbed mercury cream into someone today”.

So If that is true of science of yesterday compared with 2017 than it would lack prudence to think what is leading edge now in science, is leading edge when comparing it with science in 2050. We just don’t know yet how primitive we are in 2050 I assure you nobody will be filtering water, and if others are thinking what I can already see, you won’t even need pipes to transport water, nor a tap to get water from. Seriously, is anybody seeing this? You only need to be open to observing what takes place around you to see it. Think about this – if a whole city the size of Los Angeles county can be flooded in a day when it rains… the water is in the air right? Science just can’t see how to extract the water from the air. and for now science rely on water to form a cloud and then rain to support whole populations of people. Some people even pray for it. That is going to change with new thinking.

The obvious question to ask Mr Roe, What innovations does BRC have in 2017? “I am doing Collagen coffee – That is pure tasteless organic collagen in your daily espresso or coffee creating the most health coffee in USA. Adding collagen will infuse the coffee with the healthy benefits of collagen and improves health of skin and hair, boost metabolism, strengthen nails hair and teeth, and increase overall protein. As for the other two things I am going, I have to just do them… because to explain it is to hard based on current thinking and given it has never been done, so it something nobody will be able to conceive. Therefore wasting my time to explain it, and to produce it and put it into the consumers hands is what I will do. As a human one tends to trust the eyes, and what they can touch collagen coffee that is easy concept for creating a healthy coffee to explain the other ideas are more, inconceivable and profound, new to the coffee shop industry USA wide these ideas will be. And we already tested these ideas last year in sprouts farmers market test kitchen. So this year I will scale it up and roll it out to the public. 

Mr Roe’s thinking demonstrates what it takes to be an entrepreneur. We are in exciting times, and technology no longer applies to a computer or smart phone device. The BRC success story takes technology beyond what we traditionally relate to as technology. 

Two great thinkers meet Sir Richard Branson and Jason Roe talk ideas with each other as they walk through airport

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