Difference between UV wallboard and PVC wallboard

  Now is the era of environmental protection, and many decoration building materials also have the function of green and energy saving. Not only does it do little harm to the human body, but it is also very rich in color. In particular, uv panels are very popular among young decoration owners. 


1.What is the material of uv board?

1)uv board refers to a composite material with surface treatment technology using uv curing technology. Uv curing technology is a kind of material surface treatment technology that appeared in 1960s. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, high quality and so on. It is one of the new technologies of green industry in the 21st century, and its usage rate is very extensive.

2)uv board * The main raw materials are calcium powder and PVC, and the content of calcium powder is much higher. The finished product generally looks a bit like marble on the surface, but it is actually a synthetic product. At present, the popular integrated uv board is made of bamboo fiber, and the main raw materials are wood powder, calcium powder and PVC, and the finished product has a wood texture.

2.Second, what is the difference between uv board and pvc board?

1)the difference between moistureproof Uv board: The moisture resistance is poor, especially in the humid environment such as kitchen. Good moisture resistance is practical. If uv cabinet doors do not have good moisture resistance, the service life will naturally not be too long. Pvc board: Moisture resistance is general. Compared with uv board, pvc will have better moisture resistance, but it is not particularly good. However, the advantage of pvc is that it will not expand and deform due to heat and moisture, and it has very strong anti-corrosion and moth-proof ability and is simple to maintain.

2)The difference in price Uv board:

affordable, mainly affected by factors such as substrate, size, thickness, color and brand, with a length of 2.4 meters to 3 meters, a width of 1.22 meters and a thickness of 2-5 mm.

 Pvc board: pvc film has a high manufacturing cost. Generally speaking, it only covers the front and side, and the back is usually made of melamine leather. The overall shape is not good, and the surface is fragile, so it is afraid of cigarette burns and sharp cuts. The quality of pvc board is quite different from its classification, so the price of pvc board will also be different. Therefore, when purchasing pvc boards, users should consider what kind of pvc boards to use, and whether the quality and materials of pvc boards meet the standards.

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