Die Casting – The Process Of Shaping Metal Parts Using Reusable Molds

ETCN manufactures casting parts covering different fields from simple stamping to complicate CNC machining. ETCN struggle with itself since ETCN are not a traditional machine shop, seller or a metal parts service bureau. Regardless, once company work with ETCN, the company will find ETNC a trusted and professional partner.

Currently, ETCN have CNC machining center, automatic lathe, grinding machine, meter lathe, milling machine, Drilling center and stamping machine etc. ETCN capabilities can include their own job of machining process such as stamping, lathe work, wire cutting, and so on, also extended process like deburring, assembly, shot and sand blasting, heat treatment, surface plating, and powder coating/painting. Raw process like hot/cold drawn, cast and forging can be also integrated with long experience.

ETCN are specialized in Casting, it is a process, in which the liquid metal is poured into a mold that contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape. It is then allowed to solidify and is removed from the mold. Casting materials are usually metals or cold setting materials like epoxy, plaster, or clay that cure when mixed with other components. Casting helps in making complex shapes that are otherwise difficult to make by using other processes. Die casting is a process that can manufacture geometrically complex shaped metal parts using reusable molds (known as dies).

Market Segment by Product Type:

Low-pressure die casting
Vacuum die casting
Squeeze die casting
Semi-solid die casting
Market Segment by Application
Automotive sector
Industrial machinery sector

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