Diamond Painting Starting to Massively Trend as a Hobby

Diamond Painting Starting to Massively Trend as a Hobby
The Popularity of Diamond Painting Is Spiking.

HOUSTON, Texas – Nov 10, 2020 – Since 2018, Diamond painting has been rapidly growing in popularity, with sales and interest skyrocketing during the last six months. Quarantine measures around the world have caused an interest in arts and craft activities to soar, with little indication that such interest will slow down.

Hobbies like diamond painting are benefitting significantly from the stay-at home orders, as people are looking for things that they can do without leaving the house. Diamond painting is a relaxing and engaging activity similar to paint by numbers or cross stitch. Many people who are already engaged in similar hobbies are transitioning over to diamond painting or giving it a try for the first time.

Companies like Diamond Painting House are offering consumers a huge selection of paintings to pick from, covering a range of subjects like animals, religion, landscapes, nature, fantasy settings, holidays and much more. They also offer their customers the opportunity to submit their own photographs and turn them into paintings for a little more than what they would pay for a prerendered canvas.

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Why Diamond Painting is Catching on So Quickly

The interest in this hobby can partly be attributed to how easily accessible it is. Those who try it for the first time are often surprised at how easy it is to pick up and complete a single canvas on their own.

Where so many hobbies are difficult to break into and can feel impenetrable, diamond panting is designed to be easy enough for anyone to understand quickly. Those who have tried paint by numbers activities are able to transition easily over to diamond painting. The two activities are remarkably similar, but diamond painting offers its own unique twist.

When “painting” a canvas in this activity, the participant will take shiny pieces of plastic called drills and stick them to the printed canvas. They will use an applicator known as a diamond pen or a diamond drill pen to place the drills onto the canvas. The canvas is already sticky, so the drills will stay in place, if they have been applied correctly.

Diamond painting is also mentally stimulating and the kind of hobby that is perfect for people who have to spend hours a day inside their home. Since so many people are home right now, working and doing school from the comfort and safety of their houses, they need some way to pass the time and stimulate their brains. Diamond painting is one of the more popular ways they are finding to entertain themselves and to relax.

This hobby is known to be great for relieving stress as well. So much of the global population is looking for stress reducers at this moment, therefore it is no surprise that diamond painting is immensely popular and only becoming more so. The slow, relaxing pace of the hobby and the repetitive nature of placing diamonds is an appropriate way to unwind after a long day.

Even though many people are stuck at home for much of their day, their schedules are packed with activity. Their brain can be overworked and overtired, so a simple and relaxing activity like diamond painting can be helpful.

It also sparks creativity, bringing paintings to life and making photographs more beautiful. Many people who try custom diamond painting are inspired to do their own paintings, and this hobby rekindles an artistic desire in some while encouraging others to try illustration or conventional painting for themselves.

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The Social Media Storm

The hobbies that are really taking off at this time are those that are getting lots of social media attention. Diamond painting enjoys a status that could be termed as a “social media darling”. The hobby has benefitted from extensive social media presence, with enthusiasts hosting YouTube tutorials and videos of people filling out an entire canvas. On Pinterest and Instagram, people are sharing their finished canvasses, showing off their work and encouraging others to join them in the hobby.

In this way, the diamond painting community is growing. People are finding a sense of togetherness in online communities and forums, learning from one another, getting tips and sharing their creations. In this way, the hobby is growing exponentially, and the kind of information that would otherwise take months or even years to spread around the world is getting from one end of the diamond painting community to the other in a matter of days or even hours.

Thanks to these factors, diamond painting is a growing hobby, and it is easier than ever for people to become a part of it. At this moment, interest in diamond painting is showing no signs of diminishing.

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