DF Battery helps people “travel the whole region”

Since the beginning of winter, the temperature in most parts of the country has plummeted, and the first snowfall of the year has come to many places. Low temperature snowfall weather, very test the cold start performance of the car battery. Is there a battery that can withstand both high temperatures and cold to help vehicles travel all over the country? DF brand AGM start/stop batteries are undoubtedly an excellent choice because they are powerful at low temperatures and durable at high temperatures.

In rainy and snowy weather, the temperature decreases, the vehicle often appears to start the difficult problem, this is because of the low-temperature environment of the battery capacity will decline, coupled with the winter driving power consumption, easy to lead to insufficient battery power, especially in the north of a few degrees below zero or even dozens of degrees of weather, the available capacity of ordinary batteries are more likely to fall dramatically, and the performance will be weaker. DF AGM start-stop battery has been proved to be more advantageous in all aspects by millions of users all over the country.

DF Storage Battery AGM start-stop battery adopts leading casting and stamping technology, as well as advanced technologies and processes such as high-strength plate grids, advanced shell design and built-in safety valves, etc., which maximizes the advantages of AGM batteries in terms of high efficiency, cold-resistance and stability and at the same time takes into account the safety of battery use and environmental protection. Even in the northern low-temperature environment can be started instantly. In addition, DF AGM battery negative special additives, battery charging acceptance capacity has been greatly improved, advanced positive formula, reasonable curing process, to help the battery effectively enhance the deep cycle life, thus extending the battery life. In terms of battery maintenance and replacement, DF AGM start-stop batteries are highly adaptable and suitable for many mid-range and high-end brand models equipped with start-stop system in the market.

DF Lead-acid Battery

DF is a globalized high-end battery brand, also enjoys a good reputation in the international market, the product export network covers Europe, Australia, North America, the Middle East, Africa and other parts of the world. In addition to the “hard” strength of product performance, DF battery also has the “soft” strength of after-sales service, DF is the first to open the flagship store mode of battery franchise. At present, DF’s official flagship store has been stationed in Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Ganzhou, Nanchang and other key cities in more than 40 cities across the country, “do peoples side of the battery housekeeper” service concept deep into the hearts of consumers around the world.

In addition to the offline official flagship store, car owners can also place an order through the official flagship store of Jingdong, Tmall and other platforms to enjoy the “one-stop” service of free delivery, replacement and installation of the battery, as well as the recycling of used batteries. No matter when the car can maintain a good state, is an important reason for millions of car owners to choose DF start-stop battery, in the future, DF start-stop battery will be upgraded through the technology to further improve the product, to become the right-hand man of the elite car owners, so that the user’s car without fear of the wind and snow, “travel the whole region”.

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