Detroit Teen Poised to Release Debut Book in Time for Christmas

DETROIT, MI – December 6, 2017 – While many teens are probably busy writing their Christmas wish lists, sixteen-year-old, Tamara Mechael, is getting ready to launch her first book on December 15, 2017. 

The book, Utopia, is an inspiring anthology of poems that takes readers on a journey to a different place in their minds. Touted as a ‘feel good’ type of book, Utopia Poetry features a range of perspectives that will evoke different emotions. The book boasts a number of powerful themes such as love, spirituality and perseverance. But this is not the typical monotonous anthology. With over 50 poems, Utopia is filled with wonderful surprises with each poem delivering its own unique message.

Born in Detroit and raised by Iraqi immigrant parents, Tamara describes her life as full of excitement and surprises. These are the same experiences she offers her readers with her eclectic mix of poetry.

She has always had a desire to become a writer – and not just any writer. This teen wants to change the world with her words. She taught herself how to read at the tender age of three and wrote her first book at age four.

When asked about her motivation to write Utopia, the young author explained: “I want to make our parents and the rest of the world happy and bring light to those in the dark. I’m all about spreading good energy and keeping a strong faith even in tough times.”

Although Utopia is Mechael’s first book, the depth and clarity of the resource gives no indication to her level of experience or her age. The poems are thought provoking and uplifting. And long after the last poem has been read, the memory of the pleasurable journey will forever be etched in the mind.  Utopia Poetry will be available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle formats.

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