Details Make Airwheel E6 Smart Folding Electric Bike more and more popular

Airwheel E6 folding E bike pays special attention to the details, such as convenient folding system, durable lithium-ion battery with built-in USB connector, ergonomics saddle, X-shaped body, exclusively-designed APP, C-AT vehicle control system and intelligent EBS brake system. All of these details cast the great success of E6 and thus it becomes more and more popular.

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It is the truth that detail decides success. Take a transport for example. Although high technology makes it more advanced, what decides whether it is successful or not is always detail. Airwheel, the leader in intelligent travel transport sector, lays great emphasis on details. E6 folding e bike, one of products of Airwheel, is one of the typical examples.

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The ingenious folding system comes very first. The main frame, saddle, handlebars and pedals can be folded easily. People can carry Airwheel E6 backpack electric bike and climb stairs or enter into many occasions. Now that it is an electric bike, the power source-battery is very important. Based on imported and high-performance lithium-ion battery, the driving force is strong enough to support any journeys.

Airwheel E6 backpack electric bike

What is more, the battery is replaceable and it can be changed if it runs out. Besides supply power for E6, the built-in USB port also can charge some small electronic equipment, like cell phone and Kindle. The separated and ergonomics saddle is another bright spot. Different from traditional sponge, high-quality rubber is much more comfortable and ventilated. Separated design makes long-time sitting comfortable. When it is unfolded, the main frame is like a capital “X”. On the one hand, X-shaped body gives people a great sense of beauty and fashion. On the other hand, the X-shape frame is much more stable and has higher load capacity.

Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike

In order to ensure riders’ safety during journey, Airwheel E6 Smart E Bike is equipped with an exclusive APP. Before riding, riders can check the state of E6 and makes sure that it works normally. In addition, people also can read some data and set some settings via the phone directly.

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Because of all of these design details, E6 becomes more and more popular among people. It owns a bright future and will lead the future travel mainstream.


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