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Distinct Color Guides From the Trusted Authority In Color Design

Mumbai – February 19, 2019 – Pantone has been one of the best design advisory groups in the world thanks to its knowledge of colors. The Pantone Matching System has particularly been great for helping people to identify various colors that mix well and can be useful for marketing or promotional desires. Today people can use Pantone shade cards to get an idea of what they are getting out of their designs. Design Info is currently selling such shade cards for design use today. Many of these cards are available on sale right now.

Pantone shade cards from Design Info are available in convenient book forms. Designers in the fashion and home industry can order these cards to have proper guides that help them with figuring out which colors mix well for different designs and materials that one might wish to utilize in a major design task.

The shade cards people can buy include ones featuring many color themes. The Pantone Premium Metallic Coated Guide has an extensive array of tones that flip out and link up well with each other to identify distinct changes of value.

Other shade card guides from Pantone include ones for pastels and neon colors and for rainbow tones. The distinct shades that are produced within these card guides will help people to find intriguing ways to make their products more visible and attractive for use.

Individual swatch cards are also available for sale through Design Info. These Pantone shade card designs provide people with information on certain colors that may be used in the design process. The high-resolution and clear displays of these colors will help people out with many of their special design needs. It will be easier for people to get the help they need with their designs when these cards are utilized well enough.

The best part of these cards is that they are all from Pantone, one of the best names in the design world. Businesses can trust Pantone when looking for appealing design solutions.

Details on these Pantone shade cards can be found online through the Design Info website on The site has various sales available on many of these cards. These include extended shade card books available for Rs. 12,000, a discount from the regular price of Rs. 14,000.

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