DentalSavings Adds NeoDrys Ultimate Parotid Saliva Control to Its Inventory

America’s Dental Savings Source is offering these pads at a low rate on

It’s no secret, as dentists, having the best products at an affordable rate is substantially more rewarding than working with products that do not align with your needs. When using pads many brands will fall apart or cannot absorb saliva properly while you work. NeoDrys pads are more durable and affordable with Dental Savings.

NeoDrys pads are designed to withstand moisture, protect your patient’s cheeks and gums, while giving you space to work! With the advanced design, the inner core catches moisture to quickly contain and trap it. Once the core is full, there will still be no leaks! As it is designed with a moisture-resistant backing, the NeoDrys pads will eliminate irritation to your patient’s inner cheeks and gums. With the patented Comfort Edge® there is no abrasive material that is harmful or difficult to work with.

There is no discomfort or leakage, NeoDrys pads are superior to other brands on the market.


  • The pads will leave no residue or fibers behind eliminating the need for additional cleaning
  • Keeping the area dry for up to 15 minutes ensuring that your work area is not tainted with moisture
  • Will cover the entire surface area of the parotid orifice
  • Works well with movements of the cheek while working
  • Removable with water for easier use
  • Contains a reflective backing to provide more light to your work area

The Comfort Edge® is a new technology that eliminates edges making a more comfortable and easy-to-use solution to other pads. This flexible design allows the pads to reach far back in the oral cavity. Although it is designed for easy removal, NeoDrys pads will stay in place while being gentle on softer areas.

As NeoDrys pads are sturdier and more reliable you will save money on cotton balls and other brands of pads. The durable material is easy to apply and workaround. Simply insert the NeoDrys to the side of the cheek and within a few seconds, it will begin to adhere.

These products are available in small and large to fit any patient’s mouths. You can purchase these with a reflective backing or a plain white backing depending on your preference. Each box comes with 50 pads that are color-coded blue or yellow depending on the size that you order.

Dental Savings has been partnering with manufacturers for over 15 years allowing us to provide quality products at lower prices. Never sacrifice quality for cost. We provide both so that you can continue to do the things you’re passionate about.

With easy ordering options, you can call the Dental Savings representatives at 888-620-DENTAL (3368) or order your pads at

Our mission is to provide safe and effective products at low prices with world-class customer service. As we offer competitive pricing and excellent products for both wholesalers and individuals, our dedication is to you!

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