DentalSavings Adds Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine to Inventory

Affordable Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine Is Now Available on for quick and easy ordering

Dentists performing dental procedures want their patients to remain comfortable and safe throughout it. While numbing agents can be used by themselves, they aren’t always as effective as they should be, which can cause undue stress and discomfort for the patient.

Americans are notorious for not caring for their dental health, and usually, this has to do with the fear of being hurt during a procedure, such as having cavities filled. With proper care before, during and after a dental procedure, many people would take better care of their teeth. This is why many dentists keep Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine in their dental office. This dental product ensures patients do not feel pain from their dental procedures. The absence of pain and a pleasant experience during the procedure is what can encourage people to continue caring for their oral health for the rest of their life.

The features of Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine include:

  • Onset time of two minutes and effects lasting up to  60 minutes.
  • Methylparaben-free and latex-free to reduce the risk of allergies.

Cook Waite Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine is manufactured by Novocol Pharma, a manufacturer with over 40 years of experience in sterile injectable cartridges. They are and always have been committed to producing the highest quality products for dentists worldwide, especially those in the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

DentalSavings decided to add this dental product to its inventory because of its popularity and inflated prices online. The average cost of this product online is $82 for 1250 milliliters, which can be costly for a dental practice performing several procedures a week.

Over the last 15 years, DentalSavings has partnered with many manufacturers for supplies and products that can be sold for a reduced cost. This reduction in price does not dictate a lower quality product, but instead gives dentists an option for more affordable products and supplies for their dental office.

“We’re proud and honored to be a partner of Novocol Pharma in supplying Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine to dentists in the United States. We’re always looking for ways to help dentists and manufacturers come together by offering prices that are mutually desirable to both parties,” says DentalSavings owner.

Lidocaine 2% with Epinephrine comes in blister trays. Each tray includes 10, and a box has five trays for a total of 50 with each order. You can view the pricing for each box on the DentalSavings website. Our prices are 100% transparent – there is no need to become a member or provide any information to see how much you can save with us.

Placing an order is quick and easy. Simply contact our DentalSavings representatives at 888-620-DENTAL (3368) to place your order. You can also do everything online if you prefer.

DentalSavings is America’s Dental Savings Source. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service and maximize savings for our dental customers. We offer the most competitive pricing in the industry with wholesale and individual dental supplies.

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