Dental Implants Are One Of The Most Impactful Cosmetic Treatments

Our smile is often one of the very first things that someone notices about us, and problems with our teeth, as well as being detrimental to our overall health, can give off a negative impression about ourselves to other people, as well as decreasing our confidence in social and work environments.

Dental implants are one of the most impactful cosmetic treatments that your mouth can have, and for those with damaged or missing teeth they can be a life changer.

The people at The Art of Dentistry, based in Yorkville, Toronto, have been reminding current and potential customers of the impact that dental implants can make.

“There are many reasons,” a spokesperson commented, “that an individual may need dental implants. A tooth may have been lost due to damage or decay, and the tooth roots have been lost themselves.”

“The situation can be improved by replacing them with dentures or crowns, but often first of all the patient will need dental implants to be installed to give them maximum strength and durability.”

“Our dental implants take the form of titanium posts we can embed into the jawbone surgically to provide a firm foundation upon which an improved smile can be built. The benefits of anaesthetic and the skills that we have in the practice mean that this is a common and safe procedure that is relatively pain-free.”

“Implants can be fitted to support a crown in order to replace one missing tooth, and to further support a bridge if two or more consecutive teeth are being replaced in order to fill the gap in a smile., or in the case of dentures”.

The spokesperson stated, “a small cut is made on the line of the gum, the implant is inserted into the jawbone, and then the gums are sutured closed, and finally over the next few months the implant will become part of the bone. A temporary restoration can be made to improve your smile until a second surgery can take place four to six months later.”

Our implants help your dental restoration to look genuine and natural, with no impact on eating, speaking, or drinking. Implants can also strengthen the jawbone and reduce the jawbone decay common after tooth loss”.

About The Art of Dentistry

The Art of Dentistry is a specialist, full-service dental practice based in Yorkville, Toronto. Led by Dr Sol Weiss and an experienced team of treatment and hygiene co-ordinator as well as number of dental hygienists, the practice specializes in a number of treatment options, including: bridges, crowns, implants, dentures, invisible braces, full mouth reconstructions, gum treatments, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and preventative dentistry.

A state of the art practice combined with the warmth and experience of its professional staff make The Art of Dentistry the perfect place for all dentistry needs in Yorkville.

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