Dental Design Smile Offers Clients Excellent Procedures That Have Them Smiling to The Bank and Everywhere Else

The clinic also provides unsurpassed quality in personalized and custom-made teeth from its private laboratories

A smile is the best accessory one can wear. It cannot be stolen, tarnished, or ruined. It automatically brightens a room and settles one’s features, giving off an amiable radiance. However, for some reason or another, many people are not confident about their smiles. This lack of confidence is made worse when one is not financially capable of working on these dentition issues due to the costly nature of oral care. The CEO of Dental Design Smile, Elvis Mons, understands this limitation and is passionate about putting these precious smiles back on people’s faces.

Dental Design Smile is committed to providing patients from around the world with the best dental treatment at an affordable cost. Established in 2017, the dental clinic operates on the principle of offering top-tier dental service in the United States at unbeatable prices, with patients testifying about their satisfaction with their smiles and the price to achieve them.

From implants to crowns, and bridges to root canal procedures, the clinic boasts a dedicated and professional team that is on standby to transform the smiles of its patients and leave them brimming from ear to ear. However, the composite resin and porcelain veneer smile design, also known as the Hollywood Smile, is a Dental Design Smile specialty. The dental clinic is currently running a time-limited promotion with a starting price of $7,500 for the design of premium porcelain veneers if there is no clinical work to be done. 

Furthermore, the dental clinic is renowned for its one-year warranty procedures and record completion time, as a patient’s smile can be transformed into porcelain veneers in five business days, as opposed to thirty days in other dental clinics. In three business days, the patient can begin to see the result of composite resin veneers.

With three clinics in Miami and a laboratory, Dental Design Smile is on a path of national expansion, as a branch of the clinic was recently opened in New Jersey, just ten minutes from New York City, where tourists can have the time of their lives and go back home with a stunning smile.

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About Dental Design Smile

Dental Design Smile was founded by Elvis Mons, who hopes to make his clients eat, talk, laugh and smile with confidence. The clinic provides financial help for the convenience of its patients, who are seen as its most valuable asset.

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