Dental Clinic Reveals Top Five Tips for Patients with Small Teeth and Gummy Smiles

A Toronto dental clinic has come to the rescue of patients who are too shy to smile as they have short teeth and gummy smiles. The Art of Dentistry has revealed its five top tips on how patients can transform their smiles and their confidence.

The Art of Dentistry is a Yorkville based clinic, and dentists and the dental team have pledged to help those who are too scared to smile because of their short teeth, which are often known as juvenile teeth as they are flat and square, like new teeth growing in a child.

A spokesman for the clinic said “This is a very common problem. It can have a huge impact on someone’s confidence, but it can usually be easily fixed.”

“We thought we could put together five top tips to help guide people through fixing their short teeth,” he added.

Small teeth can be caused by hormonal or genetic factors. If all of the teeth are affected, then it is called generalized microdontia and this can be caused by a condition called pituitary dwarfism. Localized microdontia is having just one abnormal tooth and is usually caused by a reduced number of teeth. The appearance of small teeth can also be due to the patient having a large jaw, so the teeth look too small for the size of their jaw and their face.

The Art of Dentistry’s Top Five Tips for Fixing Short Teeth

  1. Braces are not recommended as they are designed to pull someone’s teeth together and if they pull together small teeth, they will leave gaps in other parts of the mouth so it doesn’t fix the smile.
  2. A non-invasive approach is to fit a porcelain veneer over the existing tooth – shaping it and matching the color, so it looks natural. This is a great option if the teeth are healthy.
  3.  It is quite often the case that the gums have grown over the underlying teeth, so the dentist can remove some of the gum to reveal more teeth. This gum reshaping is usually done using a local anaesthetic. The dentist will use a laser to remove the excess gum and reshape the gum line to reveal the teeth. The gums can take several weeks to heal using this option.
  4. Porcelain crowns might be an option if the teeth are weakened or damaged. They will improve the look of the smile and help with the function of the teeth.
  5. Dental bonding is also an option. Bonding is a special resin that is hardened with a curing light. It can be an option for people with weakened teeth or those who have enamel damage.

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The Art of Dentistry is a dental clinic based in Yorkville, Toronto. The team of dentists, nurse and support staff offer a full service dental clinic from general checkups and oral hygiene checks, to offering porcelain veneers, implants and all types of cosmetic dentistry.

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