Dennis Koutoudis & Dmitry Dragilev Explain How To Pitch Journalists Over LinkedIn.

Recently, founder and CEO of LinkedSuperPowers; and LinkedIn expert, Dennis Koutoudis sat down with Dmitry Dragilev, founder of to talk about the ways businesses can effectively pitch journalists over LinkedIn.

Dmitry has published over 1400 articles on major blogs and publications. He has also single-handedly developed a startup to 40M page views through press outreach which got acquired by Google in 2014. His wealth of knowledge has helped in developing a 1 on 1 coaching program for professionals and a software tool used by 4000+ professionals and small businesses, both designed to assist professionals and businesses pitch relevant journalists. Through his experience developing a startup from the ground up, Dmitry knows the importance of getting featured in prominent media outlets and top blogs to get a product or service noticed by its target market. Exposure plays an imperative part in the growth of a business and being highlighted in an article or blog by a notable journalist is one of the fastest ways of getting that exposure. However, not every business has the resources to hire a dedicated PR firm to pitch relevant journalists. Even professionals and businesses that do have a software to help things along, end up lost and confused about how to initiate the first contact with relevant journalist and get the ball rolling.

Dmitry explains: “Journalists are usually looking out for the “so what”. They are not so interested that you launched a company but would be intrigued if your company addresses some larger trend that is not usually talked about.”

LinkedIn is a great social networking platform where professionals including, journalists are constantly on the lookout to build their social network and make valuable professional connections. Dennis and Dmitry believe pitching a journalist over LinkedIn is the matter of creating a strong Professionally Crafted and Fully Optimized LinkedIn Presence, building a strong positioning for the product or service, pinpointing relevant journalists, getting on their radar and finally, providing something of value to them that would motivate them to share something about the company, product or service.

In the interview Dennis and Dmitry talk in details about the step by step process through which professionals and businesses can start by setting their product/services apart through a one sentence value proposition and build upon that to get a journalist to feature that business in a blog or article.

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