Denae Hively Is Helping Businesses Stand Head And Shoulders Above The Competition With Her Thriving Marketing Agency

Denae Hively is the founder of The Hively Co.

The Hively Co is a marketing agency for online businesses that helps content creators, authors, and thought leaders grow and thrive in their careers.

Denae Hively, CEO of The Hively Co, brings the combination of high-converting strategy plus high-quality design to help message marketers make their digital content clear and creative, so they can connect to their intended audience. Her visionary mindset has elevated her company to be leaps and bounds beyond other agencies, as they focus on clarity, excellence, and value.

Since 2020, The Hively Co has existed to be a launch pad for message marketers to step out of a place of burnout and limitations to collaborate with a team that supports their valuable content and vision. 

Here’s a quote from Denae herself “When you are building and growing your business, it is important to find the right people, make the right connections and use the right tools.”

The Hively Co has gone from a one-person show for 5 years to a fast-growing team that enables Denae to step into the visionary role, where she can continue scaling her company much like she does her clients’ companies.

The Hively Co creates freedom in work-life balance for those it employs as much as those it serves. She believes that people who are able to work from a place of work-life balance are able to scale their business in no time. 

Denae is on a mission to help entrepreneurs get their message out to the world with world-class marketing that converts, so these business owners can achieve their dreams and fulfill their potential.

With her background in marketing, Denae believes that her skills have equipped her to connect creatives to their next steps financially, creatively, and personally.

To discover more about Denae and her marketing agency, make sure to visit her website here: 

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